101 Badass Affirmations to Say to Myself

  1. I’m a kickass motherfucker
  2. My focus is my secret weapon. I will use it to succeed!
  3. I know the limitations of my body and mind. I communicate them with my commrades.
  4. I like to fuel my body with food that my body appreciates.
  5. I am stronk.
  6. I can do it, I can get better over time, I can have fun!
  7. I just brainstormed a badass plan for today. I’m pretty badass and I like it!
  8. If I get pissed off today, It’s not wrong; I just have something to learn about myself.
  9. I have something to be excited about!
  10. I am here in this moment because I’ve done exactly what I’ve wanted to do. There are people who love me, and it’s okay to keep going.
  11. I am deserving of the very best. The good good stuff!
  12. I love me.
  13. My confidence is badass!
  14. I am worthy of love, connection, and belonging.
  15. I do what I want, I follow my own path, because it makes me me.
  16. I’m going to figure this out. This is within my ability.
  17. Change is happening and I embrace it.
  18. I got this!
  19. I can self-affirm. I’m doing it right now!
  20. Self discipline is my secret weapon. I don’t have to go too far or do too little– the middle way is just right!
  21. Exercise is my superpower. Watch me flyyy!
  22. Namo Amida Butsu.
  23. I deserve a living wage.
  24. I can do things that nobody else can. I’m pretty fucking awesome!
  25. I’m warm and friendly. I’ll keep repeating it until it’s true!
  26. Queue up the good times, because I am alive and well.
  27. I can get a tattoo if I want to. I can get a piercing if I want to. I can put whatever substance in it if I want to. My body is my property and I am it’s authority!
  28. My imagination and creativity are growing.
  29. I am smart, and a genius in my own unique way.
  30. I can move past my fears by acknowledging them, and applying scrutiny.
  31. I determine the quality of my day and today is going to be fucking amazing!
  32. I am having a bad day. Let’s start over. Rebooting in 3… 2… 1… From here on, let’s have a great day!
  33. I have unique skills and abilities that I can share with the world.
  34. I have peace within me.
  35. Fuck bitches, make money.
  36. I can reject things I don’t like, while simultaneously appreciating another viewpoint.
  37. My perspective is unique and interesting
  38. Crying is like any bodily function. Sometimes, it’s exactly what I need.
  39. I am worthy, and I stand on equal ground with my associates.
  40. I can say no, if it what I want or need. My needs come first.
  41. Excelsior!
  42. If I try my best and then make a mistake, that is completely okay. I will learn and become even better.
  43. Others’ feelings are not my own. I am a separate, important, individual.
  44. Self care is really important to me. Today I will be kind to myself.
  45. It’s okay to feel like a goof in front of people, especially when it’s my authentic self shining through.
  46. My past mistakes do not define my today self.
  47. My goals and my passions are beautiful. Err, mean, badass!
  48. I affirm my position as a unique and talented individual who is worthwhile and provides meaning to others in my relationships and I am operating in a nominal fashion.
  49. Systems check. All systems online and functional.
  50. I am the power.
  51. Alligator energy! I’m saving energy right now, making small, slow, movements, building up to the time when I will make a leap!
  52. It is okay to slow down and take care of myself.
  53. I have the badass ability to pause and reflect.
  54. I may have bad habits, but I’m not a bad person.
  55. I’m doing things at my own pace and that’s okay.
  56. I live for myself!
  57. I am unique and beautiful and independent and free.
  58. I can make my dreams come true. I’m making my dreams come true!
  59. My hard work is paying off.
  60. I have unique talents and skills that I love!
  61. Today is going to be a great day!

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