Month: June 2014

  • AH-64E Debate

    AH-64E Debate

    Another undeveloped thought spawned from a YouTube comment. The video is Boeing’s New Apache: A Soldier’s Guardian I’ll be the first to admit, HELICOPTERS AND WAR MACHINES ARE AWESOME! There is however, nothing cool about war. Let’s all just simulate it in our video games so we don’t have to do it in real life. […]

  • Microsoft MapPoint 2011 on Windows 7 Professional

    Microsoft MapPoint 2011 on Windows 7 Professional

    At work we run vehicle tracking software from Kenwood called KAS-10. KAS-10 connects to our Kenwood radio system and receives position reports from mobile radios. KAS-10 has a dependency of Microsoft MapPoint, but not just any version of MapPoint, it needs MapPoint 2011. Under Windows XP, MapPoint 2011 installs without a hitch. Most business workstations […]

  • Toledomix 002

    My second remix of Christopher Toledo’s arranged harmonic sounds! samples lmms project mp3 The LMMS project refers to the samples in the directory: /home/chrisschool/Music/samples/toledo04_2014