Month: September 2015

  • Why I love Bitcoin

    Why I love Bitcoin

    I love Bitcoin. If I had the choice, I would be paid 100% in bitcoin. I would do all my shopping with bitcoin, either through purseio or by buying gyftcards. Here are the reasons that I love bitcoin. No dumb fees Everyone gets shafted by big name credit card companies. Merchants are charged 3% per […]

  • RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    RadioShack USB Analog Macro Controller 2603666

    My brother has one of these controllers and I borrowed it to play some Super Mario 64 on my laptop using mupen64plus. The L2 button (button5) had some macro programmed into it that was pressing three buttons in rapid succession, start button, Left trigger, start button… It would bring up the menu then click something […]

  • Dragoncon Last Day

    Welp, monday is here. It’s time to listen to a couple more panels then head to Savannah. Last night I went to the Dr. Who party in the Sheraton, which was a ton of fun. There was lots of dancing and dance battles and fun times. Bitcoin 101 was kinda bad. I don’t think they […]

  • Dragoncon


    I’m here at Dragoncon. It’s day 2, Saturday, and I’m having a good time. Yesterday, I arrived in the afternoon and walked to each of the hotels, getting an idea where everything was at. I caught an Electronic Frontier Foundation panel about automatic licence plate reader cameras and their concern about the lack of government […]

  • SPACE.


    Let’s take a look through the Hubble Space Telescope. Let’s zoom in a little bit, then enhance the image like an episode of CSI. What just happened? At the end of that video, the zooming in stopped! I wanted to go DEEPER! Good thing I have the brain of an insomniac to do just that! […]