Month: November 2018

  • WaniKani stuck on apprentice

    WaniKani stuck on apprentice

    力 Kun: ちから On: リョク、 リキ、 リイ Meaning: power, strength, strong, strain, bear up, exert 力 is ranked 62 of 2500 most used kanji in newspapers. It’s taught in grade 1, WaniKani level 1, and this kanji is kicking my ass!. My mastery level of this kanji is stuck on apprentice! I’m on WaniKani level […]

  • Squad Guidebook

    Squad Guidebook

    Squad is a multiplayer tactical first person shooter which emphasizes realism, teamwork and communication. An average game consists of finding a server, joining a squad, and immediately assisting that squad in their objectives. To be successful in said squad, you must coordinate, communicate, and conquer. A squad which coordinates attacks, communicates by calling out spotted […]

  • How Squad has changed my life

    How Squad has changed my life

    Squad has possibly been the most beneficial video game I have ever played. I have improved my communication skills through Squad; doing so is essential for a positive Squad experience. Squad requires often calling out bearings, distances, and relative terrain features when spotting enemies. All these things together make for good call outs, which isn’t […]

  • Japanese – 下げる vs. 下がる

    Japanese – 下げる vs. 下がる

    In my quest for Japanese language proficiency, I have become stuck on many vocabulary. The latest is 下げる (sageru) and 下がる (sagaru). I know one means “to get lower” and the other means “to lower”, but I have had the most difficult time differentiating the two. They’re just too similar, and I often get the […]