Month: April 2019

  • VocaloMark(bb) Mirror

    VocaloMark(bb) Mirror

    Description VocaloMark(ββ) is legacy benchmark software, released sometime around 2009, featuring hardware and software 3D performance testing provided by a Hatsune Miku performance. The publisher’s website now has a 404 error. ■概要初音ミクがアイマスのDo-Daiを踊る映像作品。独自物理エンジンによる滑らかなアニメーションを堪能できます。 例によって音声は付いておりません。ご了承ください。 現在もなお開発中。最終目標はミク・リン・レンの3人で躍らせること。 (JP) ■ Overview A video work of Hatsune Miku dancing the Idolm @ ster Do-Dai. You can enjoy smooth animation […]

  • My Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs

    My Top 10 Sad Vocaloid Songs

    Not all Vocaloid songs are a happy go lucky celebration of the weather or polkas. Miku and friends sometimes delve into the genres of death, deceit, or tragic romance. Bitter sweet? Check. Wanna cry? Check. Here are my Top 10 sad Vocaloid Songs. 10. Hand in Hand Miku sings about wiping away another’s tears, and […]

  • Happy Sakuracon 2019!

    Happy Sakuracon 2019!

    It’s my favorite time of the year– Anime/Manga convention time! My second year at Sakuracon was quite the experience. In the weeks leading up to the con, I was incredibly pumped for the concert. I stocked up on glow products from around the world. I picked up a box of Lumica Ultra Orange Glowsticks which […]

  • Ruifan KING BLADE Vocaloid Color Tuning Palettes

    Ruifan KING BLADE Vocaloid Color Tuning Palettes

    I’m getting ready for Sakuracon 2019, and my new Ruifan KING BLADE X10III Neos just showed up. Damn, these things are BRIGHT! These penlights have a really cool feature where they can be programmed via Android or iPhone smartphones via an infrared programming cable which connects to the phone’s speaker jack. The Ruifan KING BLADE […]