Month: October 2021

  • Project Ideas (Master List)

    I have a lot of ideas for webapps and games and videos and misc. Here are a bunch of them. Minetest recipe collisions webapp In minetest there are lots of mods made by many different developers. Sometimes, recipies for crafting mod items collide across different mods, preventing one of the items from being craftable. It […]

  • Time Capsule Blog Posts Publishing Imminent!

    Time Capsule Blog Posts Publishing Imminent!

    Written on Sun Dec 1 2019 @ 12:47 PM PST During November 2019 I wrote a blog post every day. Or was it almost every day? I might have missed a few days. The point is, I never published these blog posts. Instead, I set them to automatically publish in two years. I treated these […]

  • Linux Laptops

    Linux Laptops

    Years ago it used to be that installing Linux on a laptop was a manufacturer unsupported thing that only hackers do. Nowadays, there are dozens of system manufacturers emerging that treat Linux as a first-class citzen and ship the machine pre-installed with a variety of LInux distros. Here is my list of Linux Laptops that […]

  • My Top 5 Trance Vocaloid Songs

    My Top 5 Trance Vocaloid Songs

    5) Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) DiSTANCE- Deep Vision This one just makes me incredibly happy, like I’m being washed with cool blue waves of pure love. 4)【初音ミク – Hatsune Miku】Gloria -In a Closed World-【Original】 This seems like it’s a hybrid between hymn and electronic music. The mix goes together like peanut butter and chocolate. Miku harmoniously […]

  • My Top 5 Reasons to Become a VOCALOID Fan.

    1) The great music There are so many genres covered in VOCALOID music. There are mind blowing originals like World is Mine, ACUTE, and Erase or Zero. The list goes on. There are artists creating new music every day. Just peruse and find something new and fantastic. (Also Check out my VOCALOID Playlist with […]

  • Terrifying Job Interview

    Terrifying Job Interview

    TIME CAPSULE BLOG POST – Written on October 15 2019 Today I had a job interview via Zoom. It was terrifying. The company sounds very nice, it is a 100% remote, worldwide company called Exodus. Their main product is a multi-currency crypto wallet. Very cool stuff indeed. The company’s technical recruiter found me from a […]

  • TV Recommendations

    TV Recommendations

    TV Shows that I’ve seen and really enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) Breaking Bad (2008-2013) Black Mirror (2011) Mr. Robot (2015) The OA (2016-2019) Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) TV show recommendations that I plan to watch The Twilight Zone Sijipeuseu: The Myth (2021)

  • Online Art Tools

    Online Art Tools

    Lately I’ve been using a variety of online tools to create artwork for my NFT minting endeavors. Here are some of the tools that I’ve used and enjoy. Photomosh This one’s got an incredible amount of filters and effects you can apply to your image to make it POP. Create glitch effects, color remaps, add […]

  • Wishlist


    Thank you for checking out my wishlist! Giftster Wish List⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Life is not going well

    Life is not going well

    DISCLAIMER: This is a Time Capsule Blog Post — Originally Written on October 11 2019.2021 Chris is doing much better. I am on a dead end path. I have no money to my name. I don’t know how I will buy groceries or pay my rent. I don’t think I can drive anymore because I […]

  • Ludum Dare October 2021 Notes (Hell_OS)

    Ludum Dare October 2021 Notes (Hell_OS)

    Synopsis Ok so my idea for a LD48 game this time around is to build a multi-level alternate reality challenge game. A challenge prompt is displayed to the user in a web browser. The player must correctly answer the prompt to proceed to the next level. Tech stack I want there to be a good […]