Month: July 2022

  • Fri Jul 31

    12:11 AM. Just woke up. Feeling really sore in my hands today. I wonder if I ate something that caused inflammation. Maybe the soy milk in my smoothie yesterday? I had a huge smoothie yesterday and it was AMAZING. I think I will make more smoothies in the future. I’ll have to use coconut milk […]

  • Thu Jul 30 2020

    # the day of the day Hello world oh shit. I’m in hemingway mode which means there is NO BACKSPACE!!! This is like tiyprewriter mode. Halp! I’m a mellenial, I con’t nokw how to cope with no error correction and no spelling perfectioN!!?!???!?! Interesting. Very interesting. Ok so I’m trying to type my daily journal […]

  • Wed Jul 29 2020

    I’m the proud owner of! I think this is my shortest domain to date. Yeah, definitely. My second shortest is which is 10 characters. comes in at a cool 8. Maybe in the future I can get another domain and subtract another 2 characters? It starts to get expensive when the character […]

  • Tue Jul 28 2020

    Ok so it’s 11:07 PM and I just woke up. I want to journal just a bit before I jump into video games because I want to spend time with my best buddy M. I also don’t want to do video games first thing after waking up, because whatever I do first in my day […]

  • Mon Jul 27 2020

    4:18AM. I picked and packed eBay orders and now I’m figuring out what I need to have ready to present for therapy this morning at 9AM. Shy no longer module 1 Page 8 Shy no longer module 2 Page 1-3 (reading done. 5 breaths per minute when calm) Coda 30q # 14 Review last week’s […]

  • Sat Jul 25 2020

    7:47AM I’m really tired. I think I’m going to take the packages to the box at 8:30, then I’m immediately coming inside and I’m going to crash. omg these look good I’m not really a fan of super crispy fries though. I slept. The time is now 8:11PM. Around 2PM I woke up and recalled […]

  • Fri Jul 24 2020

    Holy shit, I just had an amazing round in Squad. It was like I had an aimbot, I was just snapping to the enemies and popping them in the head. I’m bummed that I didn’t record the experience because it was so badass. I’ve had a few games like that in the past week. I […]

  • Tue Jul 21 2020

    I was in total binge mode last night. I ate around 11PM which is a really bad old habit of mine. I watched four episodes of Eden of the East. I then crashed and predictably couldn’t sleep due to having so much food in my stomach. I ended up getting up and handling the day’s […]

  • Mon Jul 20 2020

    Mon Jul 20 2020

    3:03 AM. Can’t sleep. Restless legs and tense stomach muscles. After laying in bed for about an hour, I decided to get up and watch anime. Watching miru tights. This is someone’s fetish. LOL. I’m just not into it. Tights are a thin piece of fabric which get in the way of what I actually […]

  • Idea– Magic Casting FPS

    Originally drafted on Fri Jul 17 2020 The idea is to create a first person shooter called, “First Person Sorcerer” or “First Person eSper.” That way, the abbreviation FPS fits the title, as well as the genre; A clever name. The idea is to create a magic casting FPS which uses speech-to-text as the way […]

  • Fri Jul 17 2020

    I’ve got a big thicc face hair that’s bothering the crap outta me. I get a clean shave and there’s still this big black dot on my face. The hair is too short to grab with tweezers, so I think I’m going to let my facial hair grow out for a few days until it […]