Spiked Revolver

Here’s a revolver! I think everything but the handle turned out, it seems too flat. I had one heck of a time working with patterns in inkscape; I could create and use patterns just fine, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to rotate, scale, or translate the texture once it was applied to an object. I even googled it and found a tutorial, but the information in it didn’t seem to translate onto my canvas. I’ll figure it out eventually. If I use this revolver in some game or animation, the handle will likely not show up anyway, since someone will be holding the thing. I added a spike to the bottom of the handle in case the user gets up close and personal with his opponent. It looks painful, huh?

A stylish revolver with angular features and a spike on the bottom of the handle for close quarters combat.

Download the original .svg!

This drawing is in the public domain.

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