Domokun has been my mascot since ~2006
Photo of Chris Grimmett taken at Wild Horses Monument one day after Sakuracon 2018

I’m Chris Grimmett. An artist, Linux geek, developer, libertarian, vegan, anime otaku and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about open source software, software development, and music.

I do a bunch of things online

I blog about my hacking adventures here at grimtech.net! I’m a hacker in the non-hollywood sense, meaning I like to hack things together to end up with a creative solution to a problem. If you ever need help with Node/JavaScript, Ansible or video editing, let me know.

I’m part of the brotherly computer research club, http://teamrpc.info. We have made a few games during Ludum Dare.

I upload sounds to the public domain on Freesound and OpenGameArt!

Old projects of mine

  • insanity54 YouTube Channel. I vlogged for a time, and made software tutorials and reviews.
  • DooM Squad Airsoft (site is down)
  • Deviant Art Profile
  • I was responsible for Extremetoaster.com (site is down), a fun, interactive, modern-day learning center. Actually it was just flash games, but the site had a clever disquise & I employed measures against domain blacklisting. It’s the most popular website I ever made and I learned a lot about system administration from this.


You will never see a “copyright” claim in the work I personally produce. This is purely for philosophical reasons. Copied content lasts longer, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’d prefer my works be shared freely!

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