I’m Chris Grimmett. An artist, Linux geek, hacker, libertarian, vegan, anime otaku and entrepreneur. I’m passionate about open source software, software development, and working with electronics.

I do a bunch of things online

  • Blog about my hacking adventures here at grimtech.net! I’m a hacker in the non-hollywood sense, meaning I like to hack things together to end up with a creative solution to a problem.
  • Create and contribute to open source software projects on GitHub
  • Make videos on YouTube. This channel highlights all my interests. I vlogged for a time, but more recently I make software tutorials and reviews.
  • I’m part of the brotherly computer research club, http://teamrpc.info. We have made a few games during Ludum Dare.
  • Twitter. I rarely visit the site but that’s my handle.
  • Post pictures and video for my airsoft clan, DooM Squad Airsoft
  • Upload sounds to the public domain on Freesound!

Old projects of mine

  • Deviant Art (rare)
  • I was responsible for extremetoaster.com (site is down), a fun, interactive, modern-day learning center. Actually it was just flash games, but the site had a clever disquise & I employed measures against domain blacklisting. It’s the most popular website I ever made and I learned a lot about system administration from this.


I do not condone violence or the threat of violence against individuals who copy content I make. For this reason, you will never see a “copyright” claim in the work I personally produce. Copied content lasts longer, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’d prefer my works be shared freely!

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