AGENTS of D.E.C.T.I.L.E: The Rotchford Incident

This is a mirror of the original announcement post on ludem dare game compo. It details a game I made in 72 hours during a game making competition. It is not playable at the moment because I took the servers down.

My game is a mystery/paranormal/clue finding/deciphering game inspired by The Black Watchmen, SCP Foundation, Terrence Mckenna, various Anime, and more. username:agent password:password (site is down)

Video intro to the game:

It is played through an SSH connection. You can connect using your computer’s SSH utility, or by visiting the website.

The game will send you an a hunt for clues, trying to solve the mystery at hand. The mystery is story driven, with lots of dialog and lore to discover. The game will have you solve challenging problems in and out of the SSH session.

Log into the D.E.C.T.I.L.E. remote connection agent terminal and find your work
A private e-mail server found during investigation
A private e-mail found during case investigation
Find clues using Extra Sensory Perception Remote Viewing Assistant Software

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