AH-64E Debate

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Another undeveloped thought spawned from a YouTube comment.

The video is
Boeing’s New Apache: A Soldier’s Guardian

I’ll be the first to admit, HELICOPTERS AND WAR MACHINES ARE AWESOME! There is however, nothing cool about war. Let’s all just simulate it in our video games so we don’t have to do it in real life.

Ok so the comment was in response to a guy, seemingly genuinely saying he thought people were stupid who A) say innocent people are dying because of Boeing Apache technology, or B) challenge Boeing to “Make something better” (Peaceful, non-war-based-economy machines)

Here is his comment in full:

NRSpectrum Z

The comments about people saying “Oh they’re just killing innocent people with this technology” and people telling Boeing to make something better are all just so stupid. Boeing created this technology to defend us and our country(s). Sure people have other opinions on this but I truly think that they are stupid. Without this technology we could of been dead by now by a nuclear war of some sort. People who say that innocent people are dying because of this technology may be wrong, because I believe a man/women with a gun firing on other people aren’t innocent. Also when people are telling Boeing to make something “better.” They’re making our planes that transport us miles away…They’re probably striding towards the future with newer technology that could possibly benefit us as humans. So please think about what you’re saying before you post hate comments.

That’s fine for that Gent to have that opinion, and here is mine:

In the youtube video, “Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq”

unarmed journalists are gunned down by this technology. The video was a leak, meaning it was never meant to be released to the general public.

In this video about Boeing’s new Apache, unmanned drones are mentioned. Ever heard of the drone double-tap? Get this, it’s where USA drone operators shoot a missle at whoever the target is, then shoot another missle at whoever comes to the rescue.

How about a drone strike last December that killed 12 people and injuring 15 at a *wedding* in Yemen? Were those wedding goers guilty? Was the injured bride guilty? Don’t take my word for these stories though.

If you do your own research, you’ll start to notice that the happy feel-good stories of soldiers “saving lives” are broadcast en masse so war is easier to accept and support. The reality of war is hidden; it’s locked up so tight and only a select few get to see what’s really happening. It is impossible for the average Joe to make informed decisions if he’s left in the dark. You can agree with this a little, can’t you? We’re not allowed to know because the information protects national security, right? If you really think that, how then can you be ok with war machines if you don’t know how they’re being used?

P.S. I don’t think the word “defense” applies to invading other countries, killing people (innocent or not), and occupying. That would be offense. I see a lot of people skew the defintion of defense when talking about war. Why do you think that is?

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