In today’s vlog I showed off some of my anime:

Ghost in The Shell is my all time favorite anime series. I love how it portrays Section 9, a specialized police force in a futuristic world where cyber crime is on the rise. The series boasts a perfect blend of action, mystery, suspense, hacking, cyborg violence, and hot women, all while provoking deep thoughts about issues that affect us all, even now. Major Motoko Kusanagi, the series’ main character, fights a constant battle within her own mind as to whether or not the human soul, or “Ghost” exists, and if a cyborg such as herself is even entitled to one. This concept of future cybernetic technologies brings on more pondering of what lies ahead in the real world.

This is Season 1. I used to watch it all the time on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. This is the season that got me into the show. In this season, we see a major conflict between section 9 and the infamous and totally bad-ass “Laughing Man,” a hacktivist known for his incredibly complex and advanced hacking skills. I can’t think of anyone in real life who is as good as the Laughing Man; there’s just no comparison (yet).

Season 2, dubbed “Second Gig” is just as good as the first. This is where we get personal with the crew of Section 9, and encounter even more deadly bad guys. We see Togusa, a member of Section 9 with limited cyber enhancements, feel inadequate yet remain strong among his augmented peers. We learn of Motoko’s tragic past and see that it’s what drives her present self. In the mighty, skilled Batou, we see a softer side in his apparent love for Motoko, and his befriending of a Tachikoma.

In Second Gig, getting to know the heroes

have to deal with vile and sinister opponents and stop a global war from occurring.

Hideo Kuze emerges with a similar past to that of Motoko’s and I started to feel sympathetic for him and his admittedly violent cause to . The similar lives Motoko one enemy which nearly brings the two together. close to him and brings on a wanted yet forbidden romance, we see an twisted, sinister politician, Goda, emerge as a and wreak havoc on Japan

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