ASUS K35e Maximum RAM

I have an ASUS K35e which has been a great laptop for the past several years. Recently I got into using virtual machines for many tasks, and the stock 4GB of RAM no longer cut it; my computer ran very slowly during this work. I did some research and I couldn’t get a straight answer on how much RAM this laptop could actually handle. I couldn’t even find any mention of max memory in the user manual. I read some forum posts that said 8GB, others that said 16GB. The closest I could find to an authoritative answer was a post from one person who said the motherboard for this laptop will support 16GB. I took the risk and bought 16GB, and it works!

Here’s Ubuntu 14.04 showing the details. Keep in mind that I’m not a Windows user, so I don’t know if the same maximums apply for that OS. Amazingly, the output shows that it supports up to 32GB! I’m not sure if that’s possible to acheive though, because the laptop only has two physical SODIMM slots. If there is a maximum per slot of 8GB, I’m at the maximum right now. It might make a nice experiment to try upgrading to two 16GB modules in the future, for a total of 32GB. Just think of all the virtual machines I could run at once!

Here is the RAM I bought. It was not cheap, but it’s a quality brand name (Crutial) that seems to be very trusted in the industry. Also, it’s on Amazon, so feel free to buy it using Bitcoin through!

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