Author: Chris Grimmett

  • Fri Nov 27 2020

    I was taking a nap this afternoon and someone knocked on my door and woke me up. It was my dad. He asked me about cutting a vinyl sign for him and In my half awake state, I agreed to it. Now I’m shame triggered and all I can think about is relapsing into my […]

  • Thu Nov 26 2020

    Yesterday I woke up feeling nauseous. I almost puked but I ended up not doing that. I slept for a good chunk of the day. I checked off a total of zero items on my Daily Progress Chart yesterday! Oh wait that’s not true. I cleaned my toilet tank yesterday. So that would be 1 […]

  • Tue Nov 24 2020

    I’m not feeling like journalling today. I just wanna make stickers and list cards and listen to JRE. I’ve made several attempts to get a Kagamine Rin sticker design. Here’s the first attempt of today which took me almost an hour to trace, and I ended up scrapping it because of the hair complexity around […]

  • Mon Nov 23 2020

    Therapy Homework Practice positive affirmations 2 times a day CoDA 30q Notes from therapy Today I asked the question, “How do you talk about frustrating topics without ranting?” The response I got was that I did pretty good about it when I talked earlier. The important things are to Share equal talking time with the […]

  • Sun Nov 22 2020

    Straightup DMT dreams tonight. So much so, that I was dreaming about being on DMT. Me at a convention and a guy comes up to me asking me if I enjoyed acid. No, but I enjoy DMT. Is that because you don’t like acid? No it’s because I like Mushrooms. Why you gotta do that? […]

  • Sat Nov 21 2020

    I feel stuck when it comes to disagreeing with popular opinion. Everything seems to get politicized to where there is correct sentiment (inline with government) and incorrect sentiment (dissident). Even if it’s in regards to what I see as a morally wrong law, I have trouble speaking up about it. Further, there’s a rule on […]

  • Fri Nov 20 2020

    @todo generalize the brand name, “Fred Meyer” IDEA: Set with Twitch The idea consists of a multiplayer game of Set, played via a video feed on Twitch. This idea builds on Set with Friends, but instead of interfacing with the game directly via an HTML5 webapp, the players play by using the game’s hotkeys as […]

  • Thu Nov 19 2020

    Notes from group therapy today Compassion Interdependence Reciprocity Glasser Mindfulness exercises midday, morning, afternoon. alerts on phone 2 minute exercise no ignoring rule balloon breathing 1m mindfulness 1m likert scale “test how self-compassionate you are” zoom Homework research self-compassion Ericson stages Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Review Question 6 in chapter 1 & compare to […]

  • 101 Badass Affirmations to Say to Myself

    I’m a kickass motherfucker My focus is my secret weapon. I will use it to succeed! I know the limitations of my body and mind. I communicate them with my commrades. I like to fuel my body with food that my body appreciates. I am stronk. I can do it, I can get better over […]

  • Tue Nov 17 2020

    Imagine the resale value of a Cybertruck which has been to Mars and back. I wonder how many miles Elon Musk’s red roadster has travelled? I bet there’s a website that tracks such a thing! I bet someone is going to capture Musk’s roadster at some point and claim it as their own. That make/model […]

  • Mon Nov 16 2020

    I didn’t write yesterday. That’s okay. Today I’m water fasting. I’m going to fast until at least sun down. I slept for a huge chunk of today. First I woke up at 6:20 after feeling some stomach pain. IDK if I ate too much yesterday or if I have a kidney stone or what, but […]