How to create a Python virtual environment for OpenBazaar

You may run into errors when running OpenBazaar-Server. One common error is this:

This happens because Python (which is running OpenBazaar-Server) doesn’t have access to the Python module, stun. If you have already run the command, pip install -r requirements.txt, but you’re still seeing the above error, try creating a python virtual environment for […]

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Installing OpenBazaar-Server on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

User setup log in as root

create openbazaar user

give openbazaaar user sudo access

give openbazaar user a password

give openbazaar user the pubkey

Dependency Installation add third party dependencies

update Ubuntu’s lists of known software

install system updataes

install OpenBazaar Server dependencies available through apt


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OpenBazaar Server on a headless Ubuntu 12.04

OpenBazaar livenet is here, and I’m excited to get selling! I don’t have the greatest computer or internet, so I decided to run my OpenBazaar server not on my workstation, but on a dedicated computer in my basement. Here’s how to do the same on Ubuntu 12.04! User It is important to run openbazaar as […]

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How to buy Bitcoin online

Want to buy some bitcoin? It’s no longer difficult to do! Here are some of my favorite ways of buying. This isn’t a company-run money service like Coinbase or any of the other big name exchanges, this is a true marketplace. At Paxful you can trade all sorts of things for bitcoin. Not just […]

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Bitcoin Q&A October 2015

BitCoin can turn sour in a split second, where is the tangibility…? (link) The tangibility is in the physical goods you can buy with it, or converting it to your local currency. Sites like btcjam where you can do worldwide micro loans. Many lenders chip in a small amount in bitcoin, borrowers cash out to […]

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Why I love Bitcoin

I love Bitcoin. If I had the choice, I would be paid 100% in bitcoin. I would do all my shopping with bitcoin, either through purseio or by buying gyftcards. Here are the reasons that I love bitcoin. No dumb fees Everyone gets shafted by big name credit card companies. Merchants are charged 3% per […]

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Dragoncon Last Day

Welp, monday is here. It’s time to listen to a couple more panels then head to Savannah. Last night I went to the Dr. Who party in the Sheraton, which was a ton of fun. There was lots of dancing and dance battles and fun times. Bitcoin 101 was kinda bad. I don’t think they […]

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I bought a pizza using bitcoin

I stumbled on last night. It lets you buy anything online using bitcoin. It works a lot like, the website that lets you buy on amazon using bitcoin, which I’ve done a video about. Brawker creates a marketplace for two groups of people. People who want to spend bitcoin online, and people who want […]

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