How to create a Python virtual environment for OpenBazaar

You may run into errors when running OpenBazaar-Server. One common error is this:

This happens because Python (which is running OpenBazaar-Server) doesn’t have access to the Python module, stun. If you have already run the command, pip install -r […]

How to Install OpenBazaar-Server on AWS (@mariodian method)

Openbazaar on AWS via @mariodian’s guide For this guide, you will need a little patience, a notepad, and a BASH shell with SSH support. If you’re on Linux or OSX, you have everything you need. If you’re on Windows, you […]

Installing OpenBazaar-Server on an Ubuntu 14.04 VPS

User setup log in as root

create openbazaar user

give openbazaaar user sudo access

give openbazaar user a password

give openbazaar user the pubkey

Dependency Installation add third party dependencies

update Ubuntu’s lists of […]

Installing OpenBazaar Beta on Ubuntu (Early October 2015)

I’ve been super stoked about OpenBazaar from when I first saw video presentations in 2013 teasing about it. As a freedom lover, I’m huge into cryptocurrencies and peer to peer, decentralized software. I’ve been a long time user of eBay, […]