[MUSIC] Steamtrain

Steam Train

It’s been awhile since I posted anything music related. I jumped back into LMMS recently and it’s actually kind of therapeutic. Sitting there, producing a tune and jamming with my headphones on is challenging and gratifying, but it doesn’t feel like work. Here’s my latest track, Steamtrain. download

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NOAA WXL86 Radio Stream

The Project Stack ICOM IC-2SAT ASUS EEE PC 701 Custom AUX cable xubuntu 12.04 pactl lame liquidsoap upstart I’ve had an ICOM portable radio sitting around for several years. It’s a hand-me-down that I received from my dad after he upgraded his portable to a Kenwood TH-K2AT (I think.) For the longest time, I’ve wanted […]

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My Pomplamoose Seattle Experience

I bought my ticket months ago, and the concert day really snuck up on me. I was almost going to not go, and work on an arduino project instead, but I was like, “If I skip it I will regret it” so I packed a backpack full of water bottles and started driving. I stopped […]

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I Survived Sandpoint Baldy T-Shirt design

I finished a T-shirt design for a bunch of my co-workers who spent about two weeks working atop one of the harshest of mountain radio sites we manage. I had t-shirts made at a local print shop and gave them to my co-workers at our work Christmas party. There were a number of things about this […]

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I made this for my brother for when he played D&D, it’s his character, part pterodactyl, part human. Here it is, both the original svg and a png:   The license is Public Domain or CC0.

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I’m sick. I made this sign to post on my door so I my family doesn’t try to visit and get sick.   I’m not completely sure what that “Quarantine act 1908” thing is. On google images I found a whole bunch of official looking quarantine signs with that text, so I threw it in […]

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node.js node-sqlite3 error

I got this wonderful error when setting up CRUD functions on a little node project I’m working on: { [Error: SQLITE_RANGE: bind or column index out of range] errno: 25, code: 'SQLITE_RANGE' } Here is the code that caused the error:

The problem here is that I enclosed the question mark placeholders in single quotes:

Here is the corrected code which executes without error:


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