swagger project test shows [SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier]

I’ve been working with Swagger to make an API server. With it, I created https://myopenbazaar.top. Pretty cool software, but I found testing with it pretty confusing. Swagger abstracts away mochajs, and for whatever reason, Swagger was hiding a stack trace […]

Xbee notes

Unformatted, unordered, brain dump of information for my Mil-Sim airsoft wireless pyrotechnics ignition project. Mostly for my reference but if it helps someone with their xbee project, that’s a bonus. Code here: http://github.com/insanity54/detpack Vids here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL21r4IMiMKF93vCYHH69TBEh6ASPYJjIf V2 OSEPP Fio $19 […]