Rant: Technologically Inept Education Systems

Warning: may contain sweeping generalizations and other emotionally triggered arguments I’ve been helping a client get a laptop set up for taking college classes. This client is not well-versed in the use of computers, and had difficulty getting things set up on their own. My client is taking college classes online. They log into their […]

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Anime Intellect Game… Answers too!

I did this anime game guessing thingy and it was fun. If you’re interested, check out all the anime I’ve watched here: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/tehinsanity @uberscientist did a quiz too! Take uberscientist’s quiz. ALERT! ANSWERS BELOW! ALERT!   Questions: 1. Vampire girl who doesn’t suck blood. 2. Future Japan where everyone has an android companion. One special android was tossed […]

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Bovines in Linux Impart a Token of Wisdom

Want a magical cow to tell you your fortune? (Instead of that boring old fish?) Install cowsay  and fortune !

Use command substitution on fortune  and have cowsay display it:

Do this whole blog post in one step!

I have to poop.

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Cat in box

Here’s a picture of a cat in a box that I used in INSANE-O-VLOG 094 for the logo of my fictional computer brand, “Cat-in-box PC Computers”. I modified this original image by flickr user thetejon. I removed the corporate logos and barcodes from the box, and removed the background. The background is transparent now.  The license is […]

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