Category: Writing

  • Mon Feb 8 2021

    Hello. It has been some time since I last wrote. Here are a bunch of notes that I have piled on my desk that I will now digitize and use as stimulus for writing. notes Notes from therapy I’m a shitty person so I shouldn’t have friends I owe my parents Write down the thoughts […]

  • Fri Feb 5 2021

    I’ve been slipping on the journal writing. I’ve been working a lot. Too much. I slept in this morning because I didn’t have any sales to take care of. I think this month is going to be difficult in terms of making enough money to pay off rent. Well, it’s only the 5th. I have […]

  • Tue Feb 2 2021

    IDK how many days I missed journalling, but I want the missed days to stop. I want to write in here every day because it’s so important for me to get my stagnant thoughts out of my head-drive and process it and move past it. So here’s the new idea. I’ll write every day for […]

  • Fri Jan 29 2021

    I haven’t written in a few days. I’ve been feeling… not much LOL. I’ve been distracting, I guess. Lots of video consumption. I’ve been trying to take it easy on my hands, because I’m counting the average hours I work every day and it’s between 12 and 16. Not healthy. Anyway, I want to talk […]

  • Tue Jan 26 2021

    I didn’t write on here yesterday, but I did write in my paper journal. Perhaps I’ll make a post for that, and transcribe. Transcribe? I think that’s the wrong word. I think it would be… Copy? Fuck IDK. Type. I’m watching Projekt Melody’s live Chaturbate stream at the moment. Holy shit, she came a bunch […]

  • Sun Jan 24 2021

    I started a 5 hour 3d print, but I want to go to the grocery store and get fruit. Oops. I could risk leaving the printer unattended, but I’m not about to do that when I’ve had this machine for less than a week, and I don’t know if it’s got thermal runaway protection. I’d […]

  • Sat Jan 23 2021

    Apparently it’s cold outside. I don’t know the temperature because is down, but people on the morning ham radio net are saying it’s in the 10’s. Yesterday was super cold too. My face and head was so cold after my bike ride yesterday. It was deceptive because the sun was out, but I saw […]

  • Fri Jan 22 2021

    Dude, I’m so bleh today. I think I’m burned out. Yesterday was a 16 hour day and I’m just tired and ready for a rest. I don’t want to type because my wrists and fingers are in pain, I don’t want to code because I have a headache, I don’t want to sleep because I’m […]

  • Thu Jan 21 2021

    I received my 3D Printer last night! Fuck yeah, this thing isn’t used at all, even though it was listed as used. I set it up last night and I’ve made some test prints. So far, all failures, due to how my PETG is warping after about 45 minutes into the print. I watched a […]

  • Wed Jan 20 2021

    I’m having difficulty working with my friend in order to get a podcast episode edited. I want the audio file he recorded, so I can combine his microphone audio with the audio that I recorded. I’m too hesitant to ask, because I feel like I don’t have the right to ask. I don’t know who’s […]

  • Tue Jan 19 2021

    @todo add purse affiliate link I’m really struggling to get to work today. My sister A. sent me $400 for livestream equipment for my sister K.’s wedding. I’ve been going on a virtual shopping spree since yesterday, and the feeling I’m getting from spending money is intoxicating! I just don’t want to stop! “Oh I […]