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  • Mon Mar 15 2021

    I think I might have got banned from Nerds United. Yesterday I opened Discord, looking for the Nerds United server, and it wasn’t there. I messaged a friend who is in Nerds United, to see if he can still see the server. I haven’t heard back yet. I tried to message the organizer but I […]

  • Fri Mar 12 2021

    I created a “Proof of Knowledge” on today. I immediately regret it! grimtech just now Will unseal in 6 years, 11 months, 27 days 13:01:07 covid★ 1 was posted on Mar 12, 2021, 9:58:44 AM will unseal on Mar 11, 2028, 11:00:00 PM Hash sha1 636f35ef83aaf74edefa194cf0d7972209789c30 sha256 f28edd2961702c3ab4238886bee0fd53cd1b89f98bf3319f5ab360b84664df09 sha512 80a00403926a6924c8392643dabdd7b387b1827a0436aa6502e529de3e01faff5f593b6f60c59371463bbf8ba0684705d55bd6590acf340ed42b26e411edcf14 Well, here’s to hoping […]

  • Thu Mar 11 2021

    I skipped another social event. I went to a zoom group, “Resilience” though. Didn’t talk one peep, though. This means that I haven’t talked to anybody since Monday. I’m doing okay though. I did 45 minutes of yoga today. I took a nap, too. Here’s some notes notes Ride ya’ bike! npm run audio mp3 […]

  • Wed Mar 10 2021

    Hi there. I’m sad. I am lonely. I skipped all of today’s social activities. I did that because I’m an addict. I did that because I don’t want friends. I did that because I retain my perceived power when I stay in hiding. Today I built a website. It randomly chooses a pun from […]

  • Tue Mar 9 2021

    Hey Vsauce, Chris here. I’m working on a VTuber video compilation which I’m going to entitle, “Disgusted VTubers” The idea came from the plethora of compilation channels that are out there. People running those channels can make actual money by releasing quality videos on the regular. It is my dream to have this comf lifestyle […]

  • Mon Mar 8 2021

    9:50AM. Just had a therapy call via Zoom. I want to distract. I don’t want to work on my social anxiety. I got a bunch of todo list items from my therapist, for the pursuit of my goal of overcoming my social anxiety. I just pinged 3 people on Discord, saying that I miss them […]

  • Fri Mar 5 2021

    Notes Texas home base . com toyota highlander ecclesiastes in the bible Wolf of Wallstreet < The big short simulwatch Serial Experiments Lain or Party up on Veloren Writing about whatever I haven’t written much lately. My days have been sent zoning out with waifus on Twitch, and listing cards on eBay. Buyee added FedEx […]

  • Tue Mar 2 2021

    This is my first hand experience. My life was a codependent mess, I was depressed and having suicidal thoughts. I took a “heroic dose” of psilocybin, and during the ~4 hour trip I fell asleep and I was convinced I had died. I re-experienced my forgotten birth and felt the pain of my circumcision. I […]

  • Mon Mar 1 2021

    I’m still bothered by the text my mom sent me yesterday. I think I want to respond to her, and tell her how I feel. I don’t want to lash out and attack using words similar to those I used in my journal yesterday. I think I want to stay on my side of the […]

  • Sun Feb 28 2021

    Multitasking. I’m watching Snuffy’s recorded stream from last night Snuffy is rating pokemon based on their scientific fuckability LUL Previous to Pokemon, she was rating the fuckability of FNAF characters. LMAO this is hilarious. I had a shame trigger a few moments ago. I asked a question on the IPFS forum about whether or […]

  • Fri Feb 26 2021

    I have some paper notes on my desk that I want to digitize. I don’t like the clutter that occurs when notes stack up! March 1st therapy @ 9am When looking for a dojo, consider the cost Resiliency and coping class Thurs 1-3PM starting on March 11 Homework reach out to martial arts dojos shame […]