Category: Writing

  • Thu Nov 5 2020

    Sales are going pretty good this week. I imagine that this is due to my hard work lately. Yesterday I listed 20+ cards. Yesterday was pretty intense. As far as mental load goes, yesterday was very mentally draining. I think I just haven’t been taking very good care of myself. I’ve been working a lot, […]

  • Wed Nov 4 2020

    So I had a pretty cool idea this morning. I’ve been thinking about streaming on, and today I hashed out some details. Ironmouse has often promoted streaming as a way to have a meaningful purpose in life. Streaming really changed her life and she wants other people to be able to follow their dreams, […]

  • Tue Nov 3 2020

    Fuck daylight savings time. Delete that biannual policy. I seem to have misplaced my sunglasses. I need more oatmeal. Today would be a good day to go to the grocery store. Most the snow melted. I packed 2 orders this morning. I made shit sales during October. Gross $716.06, Net $374.02. Seller fees are at […]

  • Mon Nov 2 2020

    I didn’t write during the past two days, and that’s okay. It’s national writing month! I’m thinking that I am not going to write another novel this year. I think I have my hands full with work at the moment, and I’m not going to be able to squeeze in the 1-3 hours per day […]

  • Fri Oct 30 2020

    Notes from therapy yesterday I felt shame for choosing Magpies as my most annoying sound. I was doing the thing where I was speaking, I was trying to get a laugh or a response. I wasn’t talking to express myself. I felt disconnected from the group when I was asked, “are you a caregiver?” and […]

  • Thu Oct 29 2020

    @todo affilliate link brene brown’s book I had dreams last night which is uncommon. I was in the pews at church with my family and some ceremony was about to start, then all of a sudden a kid starts talking about his favorite video came and won’t shut up about it. Everyone just plays nice […]

  • Wed Oct 28 2020

    Mornin’ ya’ll! I went to the grocery store this morning. I bundled up and I rode my bike. It was clear and sunny. 32 deg F with 3mph wind. It was comfortable ride and I feel really good right now. I fasted until after I got home and after yoga and meditation. I watched a […]

  • Mon Oct 26 2020

    notes from therapy GOALS I am targeting 2 out of 10 social anxiety when with groups I want to gain the ability to build connections with people HOMEWORK Reach out to friends. THOUGHT It’s not my job to make other people happy. It’s my job to be my authentic self. APPOINTMENTS ORCT2 with M. on […]

  • Sun Oct 25 2020

    Good morning. It’s 7:32AM and I woke up about 15 minutes ago. I had a couple sales overnight, one of which was a cardd that I listed just yesterday. I am pleased when I get cards like this, because I know it’s going to sell quickly. This is an uncommon (UC) card. I sold this […]

  • Sat Oct 24 2020

    Melody debuted a new outfit, and it’s a completely broken outfit! Look at her skirt and how it’s clipping through her thigh. Look ather hoodie and how the drawstrings are clipping through her breasts. These clippings are not corner cases, they are cases that occur on a majority of the frames. Bad artist, bad! I’ve […]

  • Fri Oct 23 2020

    I slept in this morning, until about 7AM. It felt nice and refreshing. I went to bed pretty early, maybe at 9:30PM? No outgoing packages today, but I took the trash out to the street as per usual. It’s cold today. Mid 20’s. Forecast says heavy snow is expected this afternoon. I walked outside for […]