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  • Toledo Mix

    LMMS project files and samples of the remix I did of Christopher Toledo’s vine toledomix.tar The final mp3 The youtube vid The original

  • I Survived Sandpoint Baldy T-Shirt design

    I finished a T-shirt design for a bunch of my co-workers who spent about two weeks working atop one of the harshest of mountain radio sites we manage. I had t-shirts made at a local print shop and gave them to my co-workers at our work Christmas party. There were a number of things about this […]

  • Node Knockout 2013 Soundtrack

    I’m taking part in Node Knockout this year, which is a 48-hour team competition to make the best node.js based web-app you can make! I decided to put together a soundtrack in advance so I have music to listen to for the entire 48-hour developing insanity! (I don’t plan on sleeping!) Feel free to comment […]

  • Rant: Technologically Inept Education Systems

    Rant: Technologically Inept Education Systems

    Warning: may contain sweeping generalizations and other emotionally triggered arguments I’ve been helping a client get a laptop set up for taking college classes. This client is not well-versed in the use of computers, and had difficulty getting things set up on their own. My client is taking college classes online. They log into their […]

  • Anime Intellect Game… Answers too!

    Anime Intellect Game… Answers too!

    I did this anime game guessing thingy and it was fun. If you’re interested, check out all the anime I’ve watched here: @uberscientist did a quiz too! Take uberscientist’s quiz. ALERT! ANSWERS BELOW! ALERT! Questions: 1. Vampire girl who doesn’t suck blood.2. Future Japan where everyone has an android companion. One special android was tossed into the […]

  • LMAO!


    A gem found in my dropbox:

  • Chris’s Counter-Strike Sound Pack

    Here’s a copyright-free Counter-Strike sound pack. I’m using this in my open source github project, CS-Radio. CS-Radio is a raspberry pi powered device which connects to two FRS radios (walkie-talkies) and plays sound files over the air. It’s for airsoft games. Because I wanted to distribute the files, I needed something copyright free, so I created […]

  • Fire extinguisher style refillable butane lighter

    Want one? They’re $6.50 with free shipping in the US. They are shipped empty without butane. Pick one up from eBay!

  • Bovines in Linux Impart a Token of Wisdom

    Bovines in Linux Impart a Token of Wisdom

    Want a magical cow to tell you your fortune? (Instead of that boring old fish?) Install cowsay  and fortune ! sudo apt-get -y install cowsay fortune Use command substitution on fortune  and have cowsay display it: cowsay $(fortune) Do this whole blog post in one step! sudo apt-get -y install cowsay fortune && cowsay $(fortune) && echo […]

  • Connecting Raspberry Pi running Rasbian to a WPA2 network using a Netgear WG111v2

    I got my Netgear wifi dongle working with my raspberry pi model A. Here’s how I did it. Plug in the Netgear WG111 The RPi should see it right away (verify usinglsusb ) and you’ll see something like wlan0 using ifconfig Edit the wpa_supplicant.conf file and add the desired SSID and passphrase you want to connect to: […]

  • Motherboard PS/2 Jack Pinout

    I’m connecting a (declawed) PS/2 cuecat to an arduino. I needed a female PS/2 jack so I salvaged one from a dead computer motherboard. I couldn’t find pinouts for the jack so I used my multimeter and figured it out. Here are my findings: