Chris’s 2018 Guide to happiness

sunset, boy, open arms

Step 1 Let yourself be bored

I discovered this one at my latest job of loading and unloading cargo airplanes for UPS. Usually I would bring a book to keep myself occupied during the wait time before the planes showed up. There was a certain day there was a 3 hour wait and I forgot my book. I was sitting in the break room sitting knots in a piece of para cord over and over. It was during this time that I became so bored that I had the urge to talk to people around me who were distracted with their phones. It was almost an antisocial cure thing… Let yourself be bored. You will feel things. Feel things like happiness and sadness, and when you end that boredom like in my case, finishing work and going home, I had an incredible sense of joy that I couldn’t have felt otherwise had I not been bored. This moment of joy in my life, even though the waiting was boring as shit, it was that up and down movement of happiness that led to happiness during that week, and by extension, now.

Step 2 Surround yourself with things that make yourself happy

Involve yourself fully in activities that make you happy. Do more of what makes you happy. This is a big one. like if you have a job that you hate, stop. Get a different job, or don’t have a job I don’t know. Do what makes you happy!

Step 3 Pursue your goals

Step 4 Have best friends

This one is pretty important, maybe the most important of all. Have best friends. Best friends are the type of people who you prefer to talk to on a daily basis, the type of people who get you out of the house to meetup and do fun things, and the type of people you enjoy traveling with. I have lived without best friends, and now I know that without them, my life was dull, I had little accountability for my well being, and dying didn’t seem so bad because there wouldn’t be people I would want to let down.

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