@CJ_Clippy VTuber Lore

Chris @insanity54 found a super computer from a dumpster behind a quantum physics laboratory. It’s such a stronk computer that it’s sus why it was discarded. Chris began using the computer for the most respectable purpose ever– downloading all the ecchi on the internet.

There was a lot of pr0n. The supercomputer couldn’t handle all the offbrand and it eventually locked up. Chris went to reset the supercomputer by pressing the reset button using an unfolded paperclip. What Chris didn’t realize was that the supercomputer wasn’t only frozen, it had actually opened a wormhole which tapped into infinite zero point energy (ZPM).

The moment the paperclip touched the supercomputer’s reset button, the ZPM triggered a change in the paperclip at a quantum level. Instantly the paperclip became sentient, and as if blessed by a god, given a human form.

Shocked, but without any better idea, Chris named the paper-clip entity @CJ_Clippy and raised him like a son. CJ for “Chris Junior” and Clippy after the 90’s-2000’s MS helper paperclip assistant MS Clippy.

CJ_Clippy enjoys creating VTuber compilation videos, and recording videos on his GoPro.

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