December 2019 Life Update

Hello, world!

I figured I haven’t posted anything in awhile so I should go ahead and do that.

I’m writing this on December 15 2019. Lately I have been getting a kick out of writing blog posts which I intend to publish automatically sometime in the future.

They’re time capsule blog posts!

What was Chris like on December 15th 2019? Let’s look back into the past to find out!!

On December 15th 2019, I woke up and wrote a 2000 word very strange short story. Like mind blowingly strange. I may share it sometime in the future…

I have been writing time capsule blog posts every day for the past month. When they go live will remain a mystery to you, my dear reader!

December 15th 2019 Chris is preparing his Jeopardy clone for the family Christmas Eve party. There’s a lot more work to be done on it, but it’s overall a very important project in my life.

I’ve learned a lot about vue.js from working on this project. I’m calling it Jepurdee. I think I will buy because it isn’t claimed yet. Or perhaps I will save money and use a domain I’ve been sitting on? comes to mind.

Hey look at this PRECIOUS Hatsune Miku wallpaper!

I get distracted when I write blog posts. I often share Hatsune Miku fan art. I could write article after article about solely Hatsune Miku. Oh wait, I have done just that! You’ll just have to wait for that time capsule blog post to pop!

Oh hey, I repaired a cell phone!

I bought this phone for $20 and it came with a cracked screen and broken digitizer. I watched a bunch of youtube videos and was able to swap the screen out for a $40 replacement. If I had bought the phone in working order, it would have cost me over $100!

Such thrift!

Now my next challenge is to use Twilio Programmable Wireless to essentially build my own cell carrier. Wicked cool! I’ll be able to program my voice calls and SMS to behave however I want.

If I can manage to get SIP working on my terrible home internet, I will have my phone make calls over the internet when I’m at home, and use the cell network everywhere else.

Voicemails are so 1995. If my phone takes a voicemail, I’ll have it simply e-mail the message to me. No wacky voicemail app.

Nov 2019 Chris was rather depressed. That depression has carried over into December somewhat, but less so now that I have started therapy. I don’t feel so hopeless anymore now that I have someone I can talk to about things.

Now I’m getting hungry so I think I will eat and/or go outside for a walk.

I was planning on posting this next month, but I think that’s too soon. I will instead post this 2 years from now, on the same day that …

I don’t even know!

I’m going to be done writing for today!

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