Fri Apr 10 2020

I fucked up. I went grocery shopping and now I think now I have pneumonia. Probably Severe Acute Resperatory Syndrome Coronavirus 2.

I put my eBay store on vacation mode. Now I’m watching Hard to Kill with Steven Seagal. Action! Violence! Casette tapes in his car! LOL this is an interesting look into the past.

Do I want to get sick? No. I think I might be sick though. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long and I can get back to normal soon. I figure if worse comes to worse, I can drive insurance-free down to the fairgrounds where they have a COVID-19 testing center. Or I could do a teledoctor thing and get medical advice.

Fuck! I overdid it with the rollerblading. I’m thinking I could have just asked for some rice from my parents. That’s all I really needed.

Well I suppose I can’t beat myself up about this. Food is important. Staying well is important. That’s what I was trying to accomplish after all.

Ooo, steamy makeout scene 14 minutes in. It seems like an actually realistic love scene. Actual foreplay and it’s obvious they love eachother and aren’t just mindlessly fucking …

what the shit, that was fucked up. Wasn’t expecting a murder scene right in the the middle of a sex scene.

I think there are earlier Seagal movies that would make the storyline more understandable.

Maybe I’m not sick. Maybe I just have a bad reaction to the intense physical activity.

Live blogging the movie! Seagal’s character is waking up after 7 years in a coma! Flashbacks! Recovery! Another somewhat realistic scene! It’s not just like the Hollywood movies of today when the dude suddenly sits up. This dude is having to figure out how to use his eyes and body again!

I feel like shit. I’m definitely ill.

Year 1990. Wow, I was three years old when this movie came out. I think it’s time for more food!

Curry on the stove. I already used half the potatoes that I got from the grocery store yesterday! Sucks not having a larger load capacity. When I’m healthy, and the COVID-19 thing is over, I don’t think it’ll be as much of a problem.

This movie makes me sad. The bad dude is shooting all the hospital staff. There’s a cheery, charismatic physical therapist who gets blasted. Like what the fuck. I’m glad this movie is fiction.

LOL, Seagal’s character is getting pushed on a hospital bed. I guess he can’t walk yet. That’s funny shit.

Convertible sports car, that’s cool.

Oh now there’s an anti gun rally, with a shit tone of guns and explosives “Gang weapons sized in 1 week.” I guess that isn’t really a gun rally. That’s more like a pro-police rally.

Ok now Seagal’s character is in some exotic looking healing lodge of some sort. Wonder what that’s all about. Aren’t the bad dudes going to figure out where he’s at because they know he got away with a nurse? They could lookup the nurse and find her properties.

Ok so it’s not the nurse’s place. She’s house sitting apparently. And Mason Stone is his character’s name.

Must suck, Mason is getting lies spread about himself. Oh it’s Storm, not Stone.

Yum yum yum, instant noodles! Every time I eat instant noodles, I seem to get headaches. Too much salt, probably.

I wonder if Seagal actually knows Chinese. Character development! That nurse is so falling for Mason.

Wow, first time seeing the nurse’s hair let down. Very attractive long curly red hair indeed!

That style is probably coming back, if not back already.

Oh shit, Mason is doing some Buddhist shit. He did that thing where he puts the book to his forehead that I’ve seen people do at the Spokane Buddhist Temple.

Acupuncture, ewww. Oh, meditation is good shit. I haven’t done that in several days. I wonder what that stuff that Mason is burning while he meditates.

My curry is smelling really good.

Now here’s a look that is disagreeable.

Steamy romance scene with the hot nurse! LOL, there’s a tatami mat and a pillow already in place! That’s some funny shit.

Oh, Mason’s still got his wedding band on, he can’t move on until he avenges his family! Do you live in a barn, Mason? Close the door on your way out!

I’m interrupting my movie watching experience by taking all these screenshots. Fuck it, watch the movie yourself if you haven’t already!

Why’s the nurse all sad in the next scene? There was no explanation. Or was the explanation implied by Mason declining the hot sexy time? It’s a trap! Why was she even going to that place? I don’t follow what’s going on at this point. Up until now I was really pleased. Now I’m starting to think this movie could use a re-edit!

Well it’s just that scene that didn’t make sense, everything else so far has been easy to follow and A-OK.

It’s good to see that Mason has friends. And that his son is still alive.

Mason’s hair is all greased back. I don’t like that. It’s completely unnecessary! But he rocks it, I can’t hate on that.

Superior attitude, superior state of mind.

Mason Storm

That’s a good quote! I’m going to use that haha. I’m a little surprised at how I’m enjoying this movie. I was thinking I’d get turned off by the violence, but there’s actually a lot more story than there is violence. Plus there’s the whole Buddhist thing which I appreciate.

Mason’s getting all ready to shoot someone who’s quietly approaching the house, and it’s just the nurse. I still haven’t figured out her name. I’m so bad with names, LOL!

Curry’s done! Time to put on some rice. Oh what the fuck, there’s gunmen in the house all of a sudden. OH YEAH, the nurse was followed.

OMG, ridiculous scene. The dude with the M4 actually had to open the glass door before shooting. That fucker could have just shot through it! There was zero reason need to open the door! And now they’re trashing the house. And LOL, the dude who walked up with a knife and just held it there for Mason to grab. LOL there were some dumb moments there! Nobody can shoot. One guy’s M4 jammed and he fiddled with the mag like an idiot.

Nobody can shoot, this is amazing how nobody can shoot.

LOL that scene where Mason traded their shot-up Jeep for a junker muscle car.

Crooked cops! Crooked cops make the best villains. I think it’s because the position of cop is supposed to be one of honor, and people who take advantage of that position to do evil are double bad.I thought there was about to be a shootout in that hotel.

Oh now Storm has a nice car, a fresh lookin’ Chevy Corvette. And a police chase scene! And a wrecked Corvette! LOL, these are nice tropes.

It’s incredible how heated the bad guys are when all Mason did was film them. And now Mason’s police friend got blasted. I’m sad now. So many good nice people got blasted. Again, I’m thankful that this is fiction.

I’m hungry. I’m looking forward to this curry and rice!

I got some really high quality mixed rice from Albertsons. It’s like the type of rice found in Rice-A-Roni. Spanish rice, is it? Really long grain. Mason Storm just murdered a guy in Chinatown in front of a bunch of people. Wasn’t he supposed to make sure the bad guy gets a trial? I mean, that baddie was one of the people who murdered Mason Storm’s wife, so he definitely deserved it.

Eye candy in the Senator’s hot tub! That’s an old school bikini bottom.

And now Mason has the decency of fighting fairly with the four killer dudes. Pool cue to the throat. Holy shit!

That’s for my wife, fuck you and die.

Mason Storm

I wanna see a movie where the protagonist slaps someone unconscious. It happens in real life, but I haven’t seen such a thing in a movie.

I don’t get it. Did Mason Storm just kill the crooked cop guy with his tie? It’s unclear what happened there. Mason cinched up the tie then the the man go, and the man fell to the floor and kept moving. I don’t get it.

LOL the dude just got his nuts shot off.

I missed! I never miss. They must have been smaller than I thought!

Mason Storm

LOL! Ok so that camera shot was deceptive! He didn’t lose his nuts. Clever scene indeed!

Sweet sweet justice! That’s a nice ending.

Roll credits!

Ok that was an interesting way to write a blog post. The anticipation for food is killing me! I smell it and I’m droooling. 9 minutes left on the rice.

So Mason Storm just got let off the hook because the Senator was crooked, but what about all the cronies that he killed moments before? I’m pretty sure Mason would have a court date coming up!

Oh, movies.

I’m going to watch some Tim & Eric until my rice is done, LOL, I’m blown away by this show sometimes.

The acting is ON POINT.

I’m tired. I think I’m going to nap once I finish my call with my therapist.

I slept. I feel pretty good although I am quite sore. My sister A texted me yesterday asking if I could rebuild her boyfriend’s computer to make it faster. I don’t want that kind of work, but I’m too afraid to say so. It’s something I can do, but to do so is not getting me closer to my goals. To do so is getting me further from my goals because it would take away from the time I could be spending on software development.

I do have some parts that would make his computer faster, but there’s a whole mess of issues that might come up. He’s got a Dell Optiplex and that model is not designed to be upgraded. There’s missing parts all over the place because they leave those things out as a cost saving measure. I could drop in a new motherboard but then I’d have to find a way to get a standard size power supply to fit in the space where Dell’s proprietary power supply goes.

I really don’t want to, and I haven’t got back to my sister because I don’t want to be disagreeable. I don’t want the job. I don’t want that experience. I want software development gigs, not computer hardware gigs. I never get paid enough for those. I end up spending a good chunk of change on getting tools I need to finish the job. I end up spending countless hours troubleshooting across a span of days, and I get paid pittance in return.

Let me do a dry run of what I would say.

The truth is, I want to get out of working on people’s computers. I don’t think it gets me any closer to my goals of working in software development.

I don’t have the tools or the Windows knowledge to do a good job.

You know what? I think it’s the social aspect that I find appalling. I have to talk to someone and walk them through some shit. I have to be with them and understand their problems and figure out how I can fix them.

I don’t care! I don’t care about any Windows computer! It’s 2020, is there any need for you to use Windows anymore? In 90% of cases, I’d argue that there is not! I don’t want to have to deal with the licensing bullshit or this or that. I want to get closer to my goals in learning Japanese or software development, and everything else is just a waste of time.

Here’s what I replied with.

I don’t think I’m the right person for the job of upgrading H.’s computer. I don’t have the tools anymore for computer work. Equipment to make hard drive backups for example. A hardware upgrade like that would trigger windows 10’s license key renewal. Basically windows will treat the upgraded parts like it’s a new computer and require either a new license purchase or transfer. Transfer is likely impossible because that’s usually reserved for enterprise customers. A certified MS service center would get license deals that I can’t get. But really I don’t want to do it. Software development is all I enjoy anymore

It was honest. I said what I meant and I meant what I said. I feel good about that. I would have felt bad if I had agreed to do it just to be agreeable. I would be setting myself up to be stressed out and underpaid. Hardware isn’t my scene anymore! The thoughts I have about getting a desktop computer for gaming come to a halt when I think about building my own PC. I don’t think I’d want to build one. I think I’d simply buy a pre-made gaming rig complete with water cooling. No fucking way I’d want to do that myself right now.

Well, there’s no way I could even afford that sort of thing, so there’s no reason to even ponder what kind of gaming PC I would buy.

Aight, I’m at 2000 words. I’m outta here. I’m gonna go add some polish to my encore decks deck importer thing so I can show it to D. when we play Weiss Schwarz tonight. Again, I don’t think it’ll be all that useful because of the low res images, but I want this initial release because that’s what artists do– they release things!

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