Fri Apr 2 2021

Writing today, because I put off recording a video and now I’m locked into watching VTubers so I don’t know if I’m going to get to recording a vlog before the end of the night.

Currently watching Mel fap on Chaturbate. It’s been 10 days since her last appearance on Chaturbate and I was missing her!

VShojo also had a gameshow livetream today. It was pre-recorded and I watched for a few minutes, but I didn’t stick around once Melody started streaming. I think Ironmouse would shame me for saying that I left someone’s stream in favor of another stream. Just the other day she called out a viewer who said, “Snuffy is streaming, see you later Mouse.” She DM’d the story to Snuffy and then Snuffy called out the user for like 5 minutes. That’s what I heard from Ironmouse’s chat anyway. I didn’t feel like having two streams up at once, and Ironmouse is always enough to satisfy me.

That is of course, as long as she’s being present with her stream. I like having company, and sometimes when playing games or watching videos, she gets really focused on the content and becomes silent. It’s such an uncommon thing though.

I watch to have company, not to see a video game or videos. So for me, the best streams are the streams where Ironmouse responds to chat and sings songs.

I think Nyanners has perfected this stream format. She will often have a video up while she talks to chat, but it’s of something so chill and comfy that it’s not distracting to the conversation. The videos nyanners chooses are often soothing train rides or peaceful walks throughout urban Japan.

I like Nyanners a lot. I’ve been watching her streams more.

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