Fri Dec 25 2020

Hello World! It is Crimus 2020 and my friends and family got me the most wonderful gifts!

  • Casio classic wristwatch from M & J
  • 3 hole punch from M & J
  • BCW Monster storage box (for cards) from M & J
  • NASA T-Shirt from A
  • Nintendo 64 T-Shirt from K & E
  • Korean Necktie from S.
  • 0.35 mm TG31880 pens from D.
  • Vegan snacks from B & J
    • Freeze dried tropical fruit
    • sweet earth spicy kung pao vegan jerkey
    • Sahale Snacks thai cashews
  • Tracer 360 Noxgear visibility vest from K & E

I forcefed everyone the SN8 launch to everyone and there was a genuine interest from most every one. Now we’re watching the xmas video again so M & J can see the video.

K brought me coffee this morning! So thoughtful of her. I definitely would have crashed by now if not for that.

M was so inspired by the christmas video that he recorded an impromptu video part. It was heartfelt, and simultaneously hilarious because he talked about his gratitude for toilet paper. The video was very well received! I’m happy about that. It had some really blatant sound level issues.

I would have fixed those had I prioritized the project, but I literally did most of the editing last night. It was last minute but I explained why I put off doing my part.

I was afraid of being vulnerable and sharing my feelings. But everything turned out good in the end!

I almost forgot that I got a $50 amazon gift card from mom & dad. I’m gonna use that later today to buy a noise cancelling headset! I’ve been wanting one of those for awhile now. My laptop fans are so loud, that my current lapel mic picks up the noise.

M is installing Jackbox games on my laptop. Slow internet though. We’re gonna play Sushi! Go while we wait. I haven’t played this before. I’m stoked about these gifts! I like writing and now I’ve got these super nice ballpoint pens. And this super nice journal.

My new watch is on 24 hour time. IDK how to change it to 12 hour time.

J. seemed peeved that M. didn’t wrap up the game & leave at their scheduled tiem, 1PM. M. seemed to be having a great time and he didn’t want to leave. They finally got out of the door at 1:19. They’re coming back for dinner.

OMG I forgot another gift! A. got me a wonderful notebook with pages that detach magnetically! They can be pulled out and reordered.. Truly revolutionary and innovative! Goes great with the pens.

I’m so sleepy. I’m crashing! Earlier, everyone was joking how it was probably a record how long I stayed awake on Christmas. Normally I would be passed out in the basement by 10AM LOL. Wait, I already bought up the coffee! Super stoked. Today was a great day.

We’re playing 7 wonders Armada and I’m stoked about it.

Oh wow, there’s a lot of new stuff! I’m crashing again, LOL! Dinner did that to me, and also probably the coffee with soynog.

My tooth hurts. Definite cavity. I brushed my teeth after dinner. What’s going to be my strategy for this game? I’m thinking of doing something weird, like going for all gold.

Oh shit, I think I don’t have enough disk space on my VPS to record Ironmouse’s stream this evening! I’m going to have to rely on her VODs. I’m hoping for no DMCA silenced sections, and I’m hoping mouse doesn’t delete her VOD! I’m just going to spend time with my family though. Mindfulness! I’m grateful for this time. I’m tired! I got a 3 hour nap and a shower, but I’m still tired and I am going to sleep good tonight!

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