Fri Dec 4 2020

8:19AM. I picked and packed 3 orders (19 single cards) and walked them to the mailbox. I took the trash to the street as well.

No word from Tim Dodd who is in Boca Chica, TX for the SN8 test launch. Today is the soonest possible time that SN8 can fly. If there’s any delay at this point, it’s likely due to weather.


I sipped Earl Grey tea yesterday. I picked up a box from the grocery store the other day. Shortly after drinking the tea, I felt acute stomach pain, and nausea. This reminded me of when I would drink green tea and experience similar results.

I wondered if it was my mug. Perhaps there are microorganisms in there which cause me pain? Something that I am unable to wash properly? I have never heard of other people feeling digestive distress from tea. Usually all I hear about tea are the wonderful and healthy effects. Could there be something wrong with me?

I did some research this morning, and I discovered that no, there is likely nothing wrong with me. Green tea and black tea are known to cause both stomach pain and nausea due to the caffeine content and tea’s natural effect on stomach acidity.

Ok then! Good to know!

I’m not going to stop drinking tea… I spent a couple dollars on tea, it’s not going to waste!

I am going to try drinking from another cup, though. Just to rule out my suspicion of a potential unsanitary condition.

I installed a dark mode plugin for wordpress. I’m stoked about the theme selector it has. In the editor, it has 4 different dark themes to choose from. I’m using Concord Jam right now. It’s a pink/purple on a dark grey. The main text in my editor is an off-white pinkish color.

Pumpkin Spice is also a theme I really like, but it reminds me too much of the sunset and I feel drowsy when I see the sunset.

Darkmode is too blue. Blue like a computer terminal from the end of the last century.

Not that any of this matters to the reader. I tested the reader mode and it’s got either, “Dark” or “Light” mode. The Dark mode in the reader is nothing like the dark mode in the editor. Kinda odd, but whatever. It’s a free plugin! It’s utility is acceptable.

I do have a complaint. And I feel a little guilty complaining about free software, but I’m going to do it anyway. The fucking plugin has this persistent ad in the admin UI for “75% off Black Friday Sale” or something like that. It’s a dismissable alert, but every time I come back to my admin Dashboard, the alert is back.

I could just block the element using uBlock Origin, but the CSS selector is a generic wordpress alert div… I would block the annoying alert, but then I’d block all alerts from all plugins, creating the potential for missing an important alert.

Wait a minute… Are there any useful dismissable alerts in the WordPress admin Dashboard? I’m trying to think of an example of a useful dismissable alert. I can’t think of one!

If there are important alerts in WordPress, it’s usually in the Site Health section.

But how mad is it to enable an ad blocker on my own website?

Pretty mad.

I suppose the saner thing to do would be to edit the plugin’s source code and delete the plugin’s ability to create WordPress alerts.

Aha! I did just that. Plugin neutered!

I added an immediate return statement to the function which creates notifications.

Interesting note as indicated by the line endings.. The author of that plugin uses Windows.

Time for a break!

I had breakfast, vitamins, and now I’m steeping some tea. Apparently it’s supposed to steep for 2 minutes. Yesterday I let it steep for like 10 LOL.

I probably got a super high dose and maybe it just shocked my body? IDK. Well we’ll find out today whether or not the tea huts my stomach when drinken with food and in a smaller dose.

Drunken? Dranken? Drinked? Dranked?

My tea is too hot to drink! I just about burnt my fingers through this reusable coffee cup of mine. I didn’t have the silicone sleeve on it until after that moment. Yowza!

Tim tweeted about Gwen Shotwell chatting with Crew-1. pfft that’s not what I wanted to hear this morning! Where’s the SN8 news!? I haven’t heard anything about it since Wednesday.

Ok that’s not true. I haven’t read anything on Twitter about it. This morning I stopped by YouTube and saw a couple thumbnails from NASASpaceflight which indicated that a couple pre-flight tank tests all checked out.

So… Now we wait some more? Arrrrgh I’ve been waiting all year for this day. Please, can today be the day of the launch?

I’ll wait some more. It’s okay. I’m just super excited about this. I’ve been telling all my friends and family about this launch for weeks… Maybe months! I lose track of all the times I mention SN8.

Big up Fraidycat! I have to mention it every now and again, because of how kickass of a tool it is for keeping up-to-date.

Ow, stomach pain, and I didn’t even drink tea yet! Must be something in my diet. Maybe I’ve got stomach ulcers or some shit.

My diet has been primarily the following.

  • Plain oatmeal
  • Raisins
  • Coconut (shreds or “milk”)
  • Nut “milk” (Soy, Hemp, Coconut)
  • Nuts (Peanut Butter, Walnuts, Pecans)

I haven’t done an audit in awhile using chronometer. I suppose that today is a PERFECT opportunity to do just that!

Ok so I logged breakfast. I’m having 1000 calories for breakfast. No wonder my body hurts, LOL.

Ok then, I am going to cut back on the peanut butter. I had approximately 3 tablespoons in this breakfast oatmeal, and that makes up a huge chunk of the fat and calories.

I don’t see fat nor calories as bad, mind you. I just want to be clear about that, because I have demonized fat in the past. I went a long time avoiding fat, and I physically suffered because of that. My brain needs fat! I feel sluggish without it.

Maan, now I feel sleepy. I ate too much, LOL!

I actually didn’t even eat the whole thing of oatmeal. I’ve become pretty good at portioning my food. 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup nutmilk…

I felt full after eating about 3/4 of that portion. Maybe I ate too early? Maybe a smaller portion would be better for such an early meal?

I’m probably going to nap today. It’s feeling inevitable. I wonder what would happen if I drank all this tea in front of me before sleeping?

Would it prevent me from sleeping at all? Would I have wild dreams?

Oh shit, speaking of dreams. I recall one from last night. I was living with my parents in my childhood home, but I was as old as I am now. It could have happened, in an alternative universe where my parents never decided to move… After I lived in Eugene, OR for ~two years after I dropped out of highschool, I could have moved back into that home…

I think I would have become fed up with living with my parents in that alternative universe. I wouldn’t have made it to age 33 and still lived with them, if I were literally under the same roof.

Right now I’ve got it really good. I live on their property, but I’m in a separate building. That’s the only way I have endured their close proximity this long.

Ok so that was a tangent. I definitely want to move out and be more independent and all that jazz. Anyway, back to the dream.

I was at the church parking lot with my folks and they were asking for some kind of help. They were threatening to take something away from my privileges if I didn’t help them hitch up their trailor right in the church parking lot. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but when do dreams ever?

Anyway, I got so angry. I said no; I said I wasn’t going to help. My mom and dad were upset.

I made a threatening gesture to them, and with a look of shock on their faces they communicated, “If you do that, we’ll have to kick you out!”


The look on my parent’s face was one of horror. I did a bad thing by making aggressive physical gestures, but it was to get what I want– eviction.

I jumped on a motorcycle and sped home. I was determined to get completely moved out by the time they came home.

Oh yeah, I probably had a motorcycle all of a sudden because of the videogame that mousey was playing yesterday. There was a scene where one of the main character’s wives was doing maintenance on a bike. It was impressionable because the woman was HOTT, and she and her son lived in a really nice manufactured home which is kinda my DREAM right now.

Also there might have been something in Demolition Man which reminded me of motorcycles.

Yes, senpai! (I watched this movie last night)

welp, my goal for today is to STRICTLY RESPECT the pomodoro. I have finished 2 writing sessions, so I’m donzo for today.

Affy + gratty

I’m grateful for watching Demoliton Man and seeing some crazy shit which has become true… Like the social distancing thing in that movie and the weird distant handshakes/high5s. And the lack of sexual intimacy.. So relatable!

I’m grateful for tea because it’s tasty and wakes up my mind

I’m grateful for masturbation because my pp go hard

89. I light the world with my smile.
88. I am capable of achieving great things.

18. I got this!

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