Fri Feb 26 2021

I have some paper notes on my desk that I want to digitize. I don’t like the clutter that occurs when notes stack up!

March 1st therapy @ 9am

When looking for a dojo, consider the cost

Resiliency and coping class

Thurs 1-3PM starting on March 11


  • reach out to martial arts dojos
  • shame resiliency (read the book I thought it was just me)
  • work on speaking shame
  • Organize & sort shame documents into a binder
  • Journalling
  • work on feeling my own feelings
  • Get exercise every day. Possibly use my parent’s stepper machine if snowed in
  • Find a middleground between feeling my own feelings, and exercising empathy
  • Meet new people and practice anti-anxiety skills

other notes

Dharma Whispers (book)

Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post