Fri Feb 28 2020

3:12AM. Just woke up. Yesterday was rather productive. I sold 3 P-Memories cards to a buyer for $11 plus $1.10 shipping. I packaged up those cards and a VHS rewinder that I sold. I built an app prototype that I had thought of years ago. I read a chapter in I thought it was Just Me by Brene Brown. I read several pages in the 5 other books I’m reading, including one which counts as studying Japanese. I walked outside. I checked the mail. I listed about 50 P-Memories cards on eBay. I placed two limit sell orders via Robinhood. I watched a Joe Rogan Podcast.

All that and I was still depressed yesterday. I had self doubt. At one point, I gave up on the app prototype because I thought I wasn’t good enough.

Luckily, I took a break to go outside and walk, and I felt a little better. The walk was really short, just to the mailbox and back, and 5 laps around the camp fire. I laid down for a moment outside and took a look at myself. I was feeling depressed, lonely, angry.

I went inside and ate food. I think a big part of my feeling down comes down to food. I haven’t been eating enough. I have an empty pantry and I’m not doing anything about it.

I have money, but it’s money that needs to go towards rent. Today is the last day of the month, the day I usually pay rent. My parents aren’t home and their house is locked, so there’s not much of a need to pay right now.

My tax return hasn’t been accepted by the IRS yet. It’s probably going to be a half a week or so until I see that check.

My parents are going to be back home on Tuesday, so hopefully my check turns up by then. I would like to get my rent paid and start focusing on March.

March 2020. What will this month hold for good ol’ Crispy? I would like to finish reading a book or two this month. I would like to take on the habit of regular social activities. Spokane Create!, FBH Board game night, Build Guild… Something.

I’m thinking of going to Build Guild tonight, but I think it’s kind of late for my current sleep schedule. Instead, I may try to attend FBH Board game night. I wonder if I have to reserve a spot? I’m going to check the flyer.

Oh, it starts next week. I suppose I will sign up for it today when I meet with my counselor. I also want to sign up for the nutrition class which starts next week.

That means my schedule will be significantly more full.

Monday – free
Tuesday – CoDA 7PM, Video Gaming 8:30PM.
Wednesday – Shame Resilience 1PM, Spokane Create 5:30-8:30pm.
Thursday – free
Friday – For the Love of the Game 3:30-5pm
Saturday – Nerds United 12-5pm
Sunday – Sangha Service 10:30am-12pm

I just read the EFNEP flyer. They do taste tests and food preparation in the class. I think I’m going to pass on that one because I’m weird about food. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be animal products and I don’t want in on that. Plus I don’t want a fucking water bottle. What the fuck is it with promotional water bottles?

I’m working up a temper. I don’t want to get angry right now so I’m going to bring it down a notch.

Ok then. Thursday is free. Friday is board game night. That leaves Monday and Thursday free which is a perfect balance for me.

I made some name tags. IDK why. Perhaps I do so for Nerds United tomorrow. Perhaps for Build Guild tonight? I honestly don’t think I’ll be awake for Build Guild. That’s over 12 hours from now.

I think it would be really good for me to make it to Build Guild. It’s a once a month event for coders/makers/builders and I think it might be a good way to network and find a job in the field I’m interested in.

Spokane Create! as well. Both Build Guild and Spokane Create! happen at 5:30 on different days. I suppose I should advance my sleep schedule just a little more so I maybe go to sleep at 11PM or midnight. Then I can play video games on Tuesday which is one of my favorite social events of the week. I get to stay home and be social and have a great time with my friends.

More money. I gotta think of ways to make more money and continue to live this way of life. I just want to get better at a lot of things. Japanese language. Communications. Shame Resilience. Software Development. E-Commerce. Trading Card Sales. Decluttering. Organization. Cleaning.

I have a bunch of things that I want to get rid of. Like an old Ghillie suit. It is in this box that I’m a little afraid to open up because it’ll probably stink like deer poop. The worst case scenario would be if it grew mold. If it’s moldy, I’ll probably just throw it out. I’m hoping to sell it though. I could get a good chunk of change for the camoflage suit I put so many hours into.

My airsoft pistol as well. That’s a cool looking airsoft pistol that I should get at least $50 for. It’s got Grim Reaper engraved faux ivory Hogue Grips which look super cool.

I want a laser cutter pretty bad. I could engrave shit. I could make little products like snap-together airsoft IPSC targets, game box organizers, and sell them on Etsy or eBay.

It’s another stream of revenue that I’d like to get put in place. More streams of revenue is the name of my game right now.

  • Robinhood Investments
  • Cryptocurrency Investments
  • Robinhood affiliate links
  • Amazon affiliate links
  • affiliate links
  • eBay thrift store resells
  • Trading Card Sales
  • Laser Cut product sales
  • Domain name flipping
  • Ad revenue

Bring it on! Those last few needs implementing. I’m excited about Open Index Protocol, which gives content creators a better way to monetize their works. They can set up micropayment walls where viewers would automatically pay 1 cent when they watched the video. That one cent is often a better deal than what YouTube can offer.

Regardless, I’m skeptical about OIP. Protocols and products with similar goals have come and gone and a lot of them never even make it to an acceptable adoption level. OpenBazaar for instance. Well, I think OpenBazaar is a shit product to begin with, so it makes sense that nobody wants to use it. Their UX is terrible. The app should be a website. The app it ugly and clunky and errors pop up everywhere and their designer tries SO HARD to not match the system theme or retain usability features.

Like, be a website, or be an app that plays well with my system and isn’t a sluggish ugly bohemoth… It’s extremely hard I’m sure, but OpenBazaar misses this mark on every release. Be a beautiful, usable website and don’t hog my system resources. And add DPI scaling, holy shit it’s way too small on my monitor.

Grr, I’m so salty about OpenBazaar. I was so hyped in the beginning, and what they delivered was so disappointing.

It’s just bad. My #1 complaint is that it looks bad. It looks terrible. I don’t care that it has IPFS support or multi-sig transactions, it’s an eye sore and I loath opening that app.

I bet my idea of OpenBazaar is so spoiled, that even if they made a quality product, I still wouldn’t be happy. I think a rebrand is needed at this point. Fork the code, keep the good bits, redo the UX from the ground up. Make a server if it needs to have one, but display shit in my browser. I don’t want to use your bloated, clunky, ugly Electron shit when I could have a similar experience in goodboy Firefox.

WBD197 - The Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Part 14: Bitcoin Things You Need to Know with Peter McCormack
What Bitcoin Did Newsletter

Speaking of bad UX… If something needs a 14 part BEGINNER’S GUIDE, that something is probably doomed. What the fuck, mate? A beginner’s guide should have 1 of 1 parts. No more.

Sigh. I guess I’m in critic mode right now. It’s exhausting.

Ok then, new subject.


Let’s poke fun at deadly disease, yaaaaayyyyyyy!

Ok no really, I’m not sure what to talk about right now. I’m super hungry. I got rice in the cooker and it’s smelling really good.

I sold my Turnigy Accucel-6 battery charger for $35.50 + $10.42 shipping. It’ll be sad to see this charger go, because it’s a good one. Nevertheless, I haven’t used it in over a year, so there’s no good reason for me to hold onto it. I’ll take the cash and put it towards growing my eBay business.

Oh, I thought of something to write about. I bought 1000 Ultrapro penny sleeves via eBay yesterday for $11.97. 1000 sleeves! I am having a really hard time working with unsleeved cards. I’m supposed to be keeping them in top condition, but I’m sorting, photographing, resorting, and every time I handle unsleeved cards I get a bad feeling. That handling is going to wear them. Sitting in the box and rubbing together is going to wear them… I’m selling individual cards for up to $7 regardless of rarity level, so I really need to keep these in top condition for my buyers!

I looked at Dragon Shields. By far my favorite sleeves. 1000 Dragon Shields go for $83.99. That’s about $0.08 per sleeve. Ultrapro penny sleeves are 1/8th the cost. I couldn’t bring myself to buy Dragon Shields, given how in the red I am right now.

I gotta sleeve my cards though, so I went for the Ultrapros. I had a thought that when cards sell, I could re-sleeve them in Dragon Shields. Or not. Probably not. I want to avoid handling them as much as humanly possible.

So yeah, I just thought of my next topic, domain name flipping.

I mentioned domain name flipping in the bulleted list above, but I didn’t explain myself. I thought of this idea when I impulse bought a domain name which was mentioned on JRE.

This guy goes by Ray, and he mentioned an outdoor, close to nature school for kids. He didn’t remember the exact domain but he mentioned what he thought it was. What he thought it was was incorrect, and a domain which was unregistered. I bought that domain when the video had like 38K views. Now the video has 1.2M views. Wow.

The one of the domains Ray mentioned was That’s the one that was unregistered, so I bought it. The correct domain is

So I just used Namecheap to redirect to

Rather, I redirected to a link which redirects to the correct domain. This way, I can track how many people go to my domain.

I struggled for a few days on finding a way to monetize this. I thought of placing an advertisement page inbetween the redirect and the correct site. I quickly dismissed this as being not fruitful because people are going to click away right away once they see an advertisement. Ray wasn’t sure of the correct domain name so people will probably assume they just got the wrong website and they’ll move along.

So my next idea I got while I was out walking a few days ago. I can use the stats I gather via to advertize directly to the people who run!

I can find contact info and send them an e-mail with an offer to sell the the domain for $200 or so. “This domain was mentioned on JRE and it has generated n amount of hits!

Right now, it’s at 43 hits. Pretty low, but pretty cool. That’s 43 people that would have potentially clicked away and forgot about because they couldn’t find it!

$200 is a pretty kickass return, if I could get that. I paid around $11 for the domain, and each year I think it’s the same renewal cost.

There’s room for negotiation, as well. I would take $20 for the domain. Maybe I should act right away? I think those stats probably won’t look as good in a few weeks. Hmm… 2 weeks. I’ll give it 2 weeks from the time I set it up. Then I’ll send an offer to with the stats. I could simultaneously remove the redirect so the website operator has extra incentive to purchase.

Putting a note in my calendar right now.

Wow that 2000 words was super easy to write today. It pays to be in a good mood!

89. I light the world with my smile.
87. I am okay. I am breathing. I am alive.
69. I can write down my thoughts and take control of my emotions.

I am grateful for A., CPC. She’s so nice and cute and inspirational. I like how she takes the time to say hi to people and she shows interest in them, and she seems really passionate about her work and I appreciate that.

I am grateful for celery. It’s a terrible tasting food but I could really go for some right now. I will be buying some celery at my next trip to the grocery store because I want that crunchy crunch accompanied with cool clean water and those strands of celery fibre. Oooh, and I’m going to fucking dip the celery in CHUNKY peanut butter, and add raisins on top because OMG that sounds SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD right now!

I’m going to go get those ingredients after my meeting with my counselor today. 100% I’m doing it because I’m literally salivating right now at the thought.

I’m grateful for my keyboard. It has a broken space bar but I don’t even notice it anymore because I repaired it with hot glue. It’s a cheap $5 Lenovo keyboard but these things are workhorses that keep on truckin. In the future, I think it would be great to upgrade to a clicky mechanical keyboard, but that’s about the last thing on my list right now for things to acquire. Unless of course I could get some free keyboards that I could resell and make bank, then I would of course go for those. I’m grateful for my keyboard because it allows me to input my words into my word processor of choice, WordPress!

I’ll end this post with some creative writing. I’m going to do the hard shit which is create a character and describe them.

“And now a word from student body president, Kedrin Klanderstein!”

The announcer’s amplified voice echoed through the auditorium as the uniformed student audience clapped altogether.

From beyond the tall red stage curtains, Kedrin approached the podium wearing the long sleeved blue school uniform and the cow print cape and crown traditionally worn during formal events. The red underside of the cape gently lifted against the air pressure as Kedrin put one shiny black shoe in front of the other.

Kedrin smiled beneath his voluptuous, midlength black hair as he approached the podium, with one white gloved hand grasping his small notebook under his arm, and the other freely moving back and forth with each step.

Kedrin turned to square up to the podium as the spotlight at the rear of the auditorium illuminated his upper torso and cast a shadow on the red curtain behind him.

“Thank you all for coming this evening. It has been a long several weeks of testing and I’m glad that we got through it, together…”

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