Fri Feb 5 2021

I’ve been slipping on the journal writing. I’ve been working a lot. Too much.

I slept in this morning because I didn’t have any sales to take care of. I think this month is going to be difficult in terms of making enough money to pay off rent. Well, it’s only the 5th. I have time and there is plenty of opportunity before the last day of the month.

Yeah, I’ve been spending too much time on the computer. My hands are so fucked up just from repetitive motion. I think I need to implement some sort of computer time restriction in order to save my hands. It’s getting really serious, I’m likely damaging my body permanently…

I made a mindblowing purchase today. Well really it was purchased a week ago, but today the auction ended and I was the winner.

This is a Toradora Precious Memories booster box which was printed in 2012. I put my highest bid at $100, and I ended up winning it for $35. This is MINDBLOWING.

It’s mindblowing just that the box exists in new condition after all these years. Let me tell you how Toradora cards sell in my shop… They sell like hot cakes. I don’t think I have a single Toradora card remaining in my shop because collectors slurp them up like there is no tomorrow. So far, I’ve only acquired single cards which were parts of collection buyouts. I probably haven’t seen many rare or SP cards of Toradora, it’s usually just Commons and Uncommons that I deal with.

But now… I have a completely sealed box which is guaranteed to contain at least 20 cards with rarity levels of R or higher. Fuck, I feel like I’ve stolen. $35 for a booster box is OUTRAGEOUS!

I’m going to crack that booster box the moment it arrives. The profit margin on this is going to be incredible! Each card is going to sell for $3-24, and there’s 160 cards. Yes, it’s that good.

The average is going to be probably $5 per card. Still, that’s INCREDIBLE.

Holy shit, I am blessed. I am blessed to have been patient and checked my daily Buyee e-mails which give me alerts to my saved searches. I did the work, I sleuthed, I waited, and now here’s the reward!

I like this job. I think I am getting better at it.

Now the real struggle for me is to not overwork myself. I work long days so effortlessly. I’m really not sure what I can do about overworking other than to give myself a cut-off time.

This morning, I slept in until 9:30. Luckily, I didn’t sleep much longer than that, because it’s Friday and trash gets collected today. I took the can to the street as soon as I got up. Hopefully I didn’t miss the pickup. I think I’m fine, though. I’m pretty sure that the garbage truck doesn’t come until late morning to early afternoon.

I was up until 3AM last night. I’ve been having an issue with eating big dinners and not being able to sleep because my stomach is too full. Also last night for dinner I had some green tea, because I wanted caffeine to counteract any sleepiness I experienced as a result of eating.

Last night was okay, in terms of how much I ate and when. I ate dinner at 7:30PM last night. I think going forward, I want to eat a bigger lunch, and a small dinner. That way, dinner in my tummy won’t prevent me from having a good rest.

I definitely notice that I feel more rested when I have a near-empty stomach. I notice that I don’t feel rested at all when my digestive system was working it’s damnest all night.

I don’t think I’ve coded much this week. I don’t regret it because I’ve been working on eBay listing and 3D printing and misc. other projects. As I type right now, I realize that this typing is something I could with less of. My wrists and my fingers and my palms are in pain, and it’s clear that typing and holding this repetitive posture is the cause.

I’m thinking 12 hours per day would be a good limit. I get up at 7AM most days, so 7PM would be the cut-off. After 7PM, I could turn my computer off, and not turn it on again until 7AM.

Honestly, I don’t think I can do that. I’m too much of an addict. My life exists on the internet. I would become immediately bored and I’d have no activty that exists outside of the computer realm!

Well, like I said earlier, this situation is becoming serious. I’m hurting myself with how often I spend sitting at this desk and maintaining this painful pose.

I can’t commit to that. I’m not willing to give up watching Ironmouse, and she always streams in the evening.

Streams aren’t the problem though. I can exercise and do yoga while watching streams. Sitting and staring and typing for long periods of time is the problem…

Maybe I limit myself some other way? I’ll think about that.

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a day now. First of all, the Evangelion thing song is amazing, but with these funny parody rap lyrics atop the song, it becomes a completely different and catchy song.

I want to memorize the lyrics so I can sing it when Ironmouse does haha.

My plans for today are to be a baller and make more money. I have so many dreams and aspirations and I want to move towards them with ferocity.

My biggest goal right now is to move out. I’m just so ready. I want my own place, my own address, and I want to level up to the point where I can consider myself an independent adult.

I’m already pretty independent, honestly. I pay my parents rent and all that. But there is so much left to be desired. I guess I want to swear more and be my vulger, hedonistic authentic self, and not have to worry about offending my parents.

Well I just have to catch myself there, and recognize the codependency of what I just said. “and not have to worry about offending my parents.” is something that is out of my control. I can never decide whether or not my parents are offended by something I do. Being offended is a choice, and I cannot choose this for other people.

Ok, so let me rephrase. I want to live in a community that embraces and celebrates my human nature. I want to live in a community that pushes me to exceed and wants to see me do well.

Ehh… I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I think I already have that second point, and that doesn’t really depend on where I live. It depends on the people I associate with, and they don’t even need to be physically present.

Is it autonomy that I want? A mailing address? An easier route to the nearest grocery store? What do I actually want?

I want an apartment that isn’t falling apart. I want maid service for when I am not willing to clean it myself. I want a road I can travel to the grocery store where I don’t feel that my life is threatened every time I ride over it.

Ehh… None of these things sound like quality of life improvements. They seem more like distractions. I might be worst off if I move, because I’d be isolating myself from people I care about and spend time with on a regular basis.

Especially if I move to Idaho, I’ll be isolated and travel to and from there will become more expensive. If I don’t want a car, I’d have to pay for an Uber/Lyft ride. At that distance, I’d be paying around $20 each way. If I’m doing that on a weekly basis, that becomes a big expense.

Hmm… Well, what if I can make so much money that a driver expense becomes negligible? That would be a dream come true, methinks! At that point, I’d just get one of my dream cars and I wouldn’t need a driver.

K i’m bored of writing bye

I guess I’ll do gratty & affy today.

18. I am strong
17. I can find peace through prayer and meditation

52. It is okay to slow down and take care of myself.

I’m grateful for my 3D printer and how I can just print out whatever physical object I need. I’m grateful to save on various expenses because of this.

I’m grateful for the money-making opportunities I’m seeing from my siblings. My brother B. is commissioning me to make some utility pouches using my sewing machine. My sisters A. and K. have commissioned me to do various things to help with K. and E.’s wedding. All these things are helping me with practical experience in providing goods and services for people. I’m providing value! This is just what I want and need!

I’m grateful for the comedy and enjoyment that is parody. I got a kick out of that Evangelion parody rap, and I’m sure I’ll have many more fun times with parody in the future.


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