Fri Jan 22 2021

Dude, I’m so bleh today. I think I’m burned out. Yesterday was a 16 hour day and I’m just tired and ready for a rest. I don’t want to type because my wrists and fingers are in pain, I don’t want to code because I have a headache, I don’t want to sleep because I’m an addict.

Watching Projekt Melody and struggling to get a successful print today. I think my PETG absorbed water from my moist apartment or something, because today the extruder is snapping a lot. I’m getting failure after failure and I think it’s because the filament has enlarged ever so slightly due to the moistere. Fuck! I never even wanted PETG, I only ended up with it because the asshat eBayer who listed it as PLA.

I put the bolt model aside because I’m not having luck with it. I’m trying another model, an arm hinge thing.

Anyway, I’m just exhausted today. I told myself I’m taking the day off work, but IDK if I can pull that off, being an addict and all.

I got my exercise in for the day. I rode down to the grocery store as planned. I got a bunch of frozen fruit and some cashew milk and I made some fantastic smoothies.

Fuck, another failed print. I thought I’d just let the extruder popping happen and see what happened, and now I know. It builds up and up until it all falls apart.

I’m thinking of ordering some PLA so I can actually see some success. I think PETG would be a great thing to level up to, but I really want to start with PLA.

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