Fri Jul 3 2020

What a morning I had.

Lots of picking and packing.

I can’t believe it’s already Friday.

I want a Steel Series Wireless Arctis 1.

I haven’t ate anything today and it’s 1:08PM. I feel great!

The past few days my guts have been hurting. I think I’ve been eating too much fiber.

Dinner tonight is going to be amazing.

I got a letter from WA State Department of Social & Health Services. They need to know my updated income to determine whether or not I still qualify for food stamps.

I’m thinking I’m not going to reply, which will automatically invalidate my food stamps. I think I’m ready to stand on my own now.

My eBay store was good to me last month. I brought in a record high of $1583.44.

I’m still paying myself only around $100 a month. I think I would be able to continue on food stamps if I got a business license and business bank account, but I don’t know if I could get all that done before the end of the month in time to reply with updated info for the social & health services thing.

What am I talking about. A month is plenty of time!

Ok I did some research. I set up an account with the treasury and the IRS. Apparently it’s going to cost me about $300 to get started with an LLC. At this point, I’m thinking it’s more cost effective for me to continue without a business license.

I am going to continue, and lose my food stamps.

Actually, I might lose my health insurance if I don’t get an LLC. Well, fuck!

Hmm… What to do?

I definitely don’t want to lose my free behavioral therapy privileges. I mean I could probably do without at this point, but I really appreciate the personal growth I experience as I attend therapy sessions and learn new concepts and coping strategies for living well.

I don’t think I can afford $300 for a business license. I’ve got a $170 eBay fee payment coming up mid-month.

I just checked. I have $397.48 in my business paypal account. If I got a business license, and paid eBay fees, I’d be broke. Plus I gotta pay rent at the end of the month. It has to wait.

I might have been able to afford it, had I planned ahead.

Well, I know what I need to do now. Before, I was kinda clueless. Now I got an idea.

  • Form LLC with the Secretary of the Treasury
  • Register for a business license with the IRS

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