Fri Jul 31

12:11 AM. Just woke up. Feeling really sore in my hands today. I wonder if I ate something that caused inflammation. Maybe the soy milk in my smoothie yesterday? I had a huge smoothie yesterday and it was AMAZING.

I think I will make more smoothies in the future. I’ll have to use coconut milk though. I hear that coconut is a really good anti-inflammation agent.


Saw this on the #shitposting channel on the VOCALOID Discord guild. Wrong channel, mateys! There’s a #vocaloid-music channel for sharing vids.

Anyway, I liked the song. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Um so SpaceX Starlink 9 mission was delayed again. It’s been delayed over a month at this point!

SpaceX had plans to launch a Starlink mission every two weeks, but the technical issues and scrubs for weather are slowing down the planned progress. Arrrggh! It’s frustrating because I want my Starlink internet!!!

So apparently the satellites aren’t using lazors to communicate with eachother. Apparently that’s a planned feature for future versions. This current generation is using radio.

Anyway, I’m not very up-to-speed on the technical data of the satellites so I’m going to move on!

I skimmed over an interesting article which I found from HN.

Apparently amazon will print your book for you if you are a baller!

I found google maps timeline via HN and now I’m fascinated about treasure island in San Francisco. I didn’t even know it existed, but apparently it has sports fields, restauraunts, a marina, a YMCA, social services buildings and housing. It’s a tiny little island and it has all that!

It looks like there’s some construction going on. I bet land is really expensive on treasure island.

I used the route planning tool on google maps and it looks like it would be a 2.8 round trip on treasure island. So I guess treasure island is about the size of my block LOL. Just a little smaller I guess, since it’s 3.3 miles round trip on my large rural block.

LOL, Treasure Island has a skate park that used to be a tennis court!

I caught Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple livestream yesterday morning at 10AM. I followed along with the sutra chanting which was a really long and difficult one.

I forget what it was, but I remember it was on page 33 of the purple shin buddhist service book. I want to buy one of those books ASAP, but they’re not available anywhere online that I know of.

None on eBay.

The BCA online bookstore is closed due to COVY.

I think closing an online bookstore is the DUMBEST THING I have heard of during this pandemic. Online sales SKYROCKET during the pandemic. (Maybe not of concern to buddhism? LOL.) Well then, people don’t have access to the service books at temples because the temples are closed… Right now an online bookstore is needed more than ever, but they shut the fuck down!??!? This is madness!

I added a web check on to the BCA bookstore. I’ll be notified within an hour of their store going back online 👍

I’m reading messages from a friend who is getting these ideas that a girl is interested in him because she happened to talk to him. Goddamn, I remember when I was like that.

A girl looked at me. She must be interested, right? That’s what I used to think. Then I would SIMP out and become this retarded boy that would serve the girl in any way I could.

I got teased a lot because of how I acted around girls.

I don’t want to get into it.

I’m searching for a place to buy a SHIN BUDDHIST service book, even though the one place that sells them is temporarily closed. Even though I’m broke and cannot afford to buy a book.

Speaking of being broke, it’s the last day of July. Time to pay my rent!

Rent paid.

So yeah, back to the book topic. I think I want a service book only because I can’t have a service book.

I think the service book is $15. I can’t afford that right now, but I think I may be able to afford that in the near future.

I have to remind myself that August brings an increase in financial difficulty.

I don’t have government food assistance anymore. I’m still in debt. My eBay store is my main income source and my card inventory is not selling very well. It’s not profitable and I’m pulling money from past investments in order to get by.

I’m going to have to make some sacrifices.

I might have to drop prices on my ebay store items.

I remember last month right at the end of the month, I had a huge increase in sales. I wonder if it was just people having money to spend, or if it was something that I did. That’s the difficult thing about sales– there are too many variables!

Well, I’m doing okay, as long as I can repeat this month’s sales amounts. I have to wait until tomorrow to be sure, but I think I’m sitting around $1500 gross income from eBay. That’s enough for me to live comfortably.

Of course, I want to grow the business. Part of growing is getting new stock to replenish the sold out inventory though. I haven’t had anything new in weeks and that probably hurts my public image.

I’ve got a customer who was buying starter decks from me every week. He accumulated all the started decks I had except for one higher priced deck I have, which he intends to buy sometime in August.

Hmm yeah, that’s something that I have not done so well on– bringing in fresh inventory.

Well hey, I can’t beat myself up about it, because the wheels are actually in motion to get new inventory every three weeks! There’s just a two month lag time between ordering it and actually receiving it.

It’s coming together! I just gotta wait for it.

Somewhere out in the Pacific ocean is a ship full of containers. In one of those containers is a parcel from Japan Post with my name on it.

In transit for 29 days. So halfway, then? I’m okay with that, because it’s a long-term supply chain that I’m just getting set up. Eventually I’ll have a flow of new product with a new shipment every three weeks.

I’ll literally have difficulty keeping up with the rate at which new product comes in. I’ll get a card collection with hundreds of cards and that one item alone will take me weeks to list on eBay.

I’m excited for that!

It’s interesting to see how excited I am just in anticipation for product that I don’t get to keep. It’s all going straight to customers as soon as I process it!

I guess that’s a joy I can take in this business. I will get to see and handle lots of shiny new products, after which I will pass them on to an otaku who wants them.

In this business, I can’t be a hoarder anymore. However, I still get to feel the pleasures of being a consumer!

Ok I’m going to move onto CoDA work.

CoDA 30q #16

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