Fri Jun 19 2020

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I’m so tired this morning! I think my 7:30AM alarm interrupted a deep sleep.

So tired! I walked to the mailbox where I inserted today’s mailings. Then I realized that I had forgotten to take the trash out, so I walked back to the house and wheeled that out to the street.

The walk didn’t energize me. The walk caused me to crash, and feel more tired than before I started.

And I’m hungry. I’m cooking some rice & beans for breakfast. I’ll top it off with the last of my canned tomato.

I’m 100% definitely going to the grocery store sometime today. I ordered a new bike lock which might be arriving today, but more likely I think it’ll arrive on Monday. I dunno. I ordered via so I’m not really sure how the tracking is going to be.

I got two separate tracking notification e-mails. One said delivery today, the other said delivery Monday. So I’ll probably have to double check the website and see what the most up-to-date delivery estimate is.

I’m going to see if my mom has a bike lock that I can borrow. There’s no way I can wait until Monday to resupply my food stores!

Eh, I could probably hold out. It’s not like I’m going to starve. I have half a bag of brown rice, and several bags of dried beans. I won’t starve, I’ll just have unpalatable meals.

My right ear has been twitching lately. I’m probably malnourished. I bet my depression earlier the week was also caused in part by malnourished.

I don’t even want to do the calorie counting to see what I’m intaking every day. It’s not sufficient, I know that much.

I checked my EBT balance this morning at 2AM. At that time, I learned that my balance gets topped up at 6AM. I got food money, it’s time to eat!

Oh hey, I just got a UPS delivery e-mail that lets me track the delivery! I haven’t ordered anything else– that must be the bike lock!

Ok what the fuck?

Yeah um, that truck in New York is not going to be delivering today. 🤣

I checked the actual shipping page. Apparently the package is actually on a truck in Post Falls, Idaho. So it probably is arriving today, and I got nothing to worry about!

Nerds United is hosting in-person board game events again! We’re finally getting back to normal!

Speaking of normal, I was so confused that my sister invited me to lunch the other day. I asked her, “how are we going to lunch with social distancing?”

Apparently Idaho is in “phase 4” already, which is how we ended up at the food truck place.

Did I talk about the food truck place? It’s called Prarie Pavilion and I think it’s really new. It’s basically a large parking lot with dedicated space for food trucks. There’s also a coffee shop and a covered pavilion for dining.

The pavilion was closed, but the food trucks and the coffee shop were all running.

Such a good experience. When we first got there, we started on one end and took a quick look at all the menus to see if there was any vegan food. The very last truck we got to was called, “Eat Fit” and had plenty of vegan options.

I’m sure I could have found something that fit my diet at one of the other food trucks, but this was just too good of a coincidence to pass up. The food in the photographs looked amazing, and I was so very pleased with everything.

The parking lot that this place exists in doesn’t even show up on Google maps yet. It’s very new! Apparently they opened last August.

I’ll definitely stop at this place again, if given the chance. I think it would be so fun to buy one item at every food truck, and have a little feast. Not on my diet though! I’d have to go with friends and spoil them.

If I get another chance to eat there, I’m getting multiple items from Eatfit. One wasn’t filling enough!

I am so hungry! The rice and beans cooking are making me drool!

4 minutes until it’s done. I am going to devour that food!

I’m taking a cheat day today. No exercise unless it’s for going to the grocery store LOL. I suppose that’s not really a cheat day since it is always a challenging ride up the hill back to home.

Oh well! I’m still calling it a cheat day. Maybe no yoga today will be my cheat. And I’m 1000% getting vegan ice cream from the grocery store today!

I’m so excited to eat well!

Eat swell. Swell eats. Moss peets. More treats.

I can’t remember the affirmation number I left off on. I didn’t mark it on my paper, so I’m just going to start at 1.

  1. I love myself
  2. The world has a need for me.
  3. I am unique

So a funny thing happened yesterday. I went out and rode my bike around the block and I stopped at the neighborhood mini library. I picked out a book and brought it home. I was talking to my mom about it and my dad was sitting on the porch and he heard the title of the book.

It was my dad who had put that book in the mini library! We all laughed over the coincidence. It’s a small world!

I ate. It was yum.

I did about an hour of coding green-seller, and then I cracked an Anohana booster pack and listed the cards on eBay. All new cards from what I’m seeing!

I think collectibles as an investment is a gift that keeps on giving. It takes a long time for interested buyers to come and find the product, but the sales just keep rolling in over time. A couple of the lots I bought from buyee are showing a 200% return. That’s just not something that happens very often with other forms of investments.

The fees though. eBay fees are so high! And we’re approaching the end of June as well. There are going to be a bunch of challenges for me coming up in July, because I’m going to have to drastically downsize my inventory to avoid the resumption of eBay’s insertion fees.

green-seller is going to help a lot with the downsize. Rather than having to re-take a ton photos as I turn singles into collections, I can just have green-seller create me a composite image of photos from existing eBay listings.

I worked on a couple unit tests for a function in green-seller’s image handling module. I really enjoy coding. I hope to monetize programming and web development in my own unique way.

Speaking of unique…

I don’t actually have a subject to segway into. I just wanted a segway.

Segway! I did a Segway tour in San Francisco. That was a lot of fun! We had a really great tour guide who was really personable and energetic. I remember I tipped him $20. He really deserved it!

Hmm, yeah.

IDK what to talk about now.

I have sunglasses that I purchased in SF. My prescription sunglasses are so old and broken that I just can’t wear them anymore. The left temple tip completely broke off and now what’s left of the temple just digs into the side of my face.

The whole frame just works it’s way downwards and I constantly have to readjust them on my head. The lenses have heavy scratches, the rim is broken in two places, the plastic frame coating is bubbling and torn.

The lenses will easily fall out with a little flex of the frame. I wore the shit out of those sunglasses.

I think they lasted around 10 years. They’ve been in need of a replacement for about half that time, but now it’s just at critical mass. These things aren’t wearable anymore.

The same can be said about my regular prescription glasses. They are only broken at the left hinge, which I repaired with hot glue. They are still very usable but I no longer wear them when I leave the house. They have never fit properly. They slide down my face and promote that I furl my face to keep them in place.

I don’t like that. I don’t like their weight, I don’t like that they don’t fit, and I don’t like that they no longer fold. I’m not driving a car anymore, and I don’t feel impaired when I cycle, so I’m okay without glasses for now.

For now.

I’d like prescription, ballistic rated sunglasses more than I’d like regular prescription lenses. Honestly I don’t even need sunglasses because if I really need them, I have my ESS turbofan goggles with tinted lenses and a prescription insert.

Those goggles and glasses cost me around $400 in total, and they have been worth every penny. They were great for airsoft. Now they’re great for when I go shooting with friends. They’re comfortable, rugged, and the fan prevents fogging.

So uh, yeah.

I think what I’ve learned today is that I want to get rich so I can spoil my friends and family with a feast.

Every time I go out to eat with my family, I notice how conservative they are with their spending. Appetizers almost never get ordered. If they do, it’s usually just one, and there are no leftovers.

I was always surprised to see Chris Pirillo eat out at restauraunts with his wife Diane, and they would fill their table up with several orders of food. I could never relate to that, and I think it has a lot to do with how large my family was.

My parents would go broke if they feasted when they ate out. There were always so many mouths to feed. I was always a bottomless pit… I alone could probably cause them to break the bank!

Anyway, I think I’d like to figure out a way to get rich, so I can treat myself and treat my companions to great meals every now and then.

1 item from every food truck to create a meal of epic proportions… That’s a goal!

I took a nap. Then I woke up and peed then I took another nap. I felt terrible when I got up. So stiff and light headed.

Am I dying? I might be dying. Also malnourished.

Got an e-mail which says my package was delivered. Time to ride to Albertson’s!

It wasn’t my bike lock. LOL.

It was the 400 poly envelopes I got for like $3 because of the coupon that eBay sent out last week.

So Monday it is!

I listed another booster pack on eBay. Heaven’s Memo Pad. I also translated this prize redemption sheet in GIMP, overlaying English.

I added these images to the various sticker listings that I have on eBay. I’m thinking that the idea of collecting and filling up a sticker sheet might incentivize my customer base to buy more stickers!

It’s not even a thing that people can take part of in the USA, but I think the sticker sheet is rather enticing. Even I want to bust out the stickers I have, print out the redemption sheet, and start filling!

4. I can and I will do things to promote healing in my life.
5. I can handle this one step at a time.
6. The sun is shining. I am ready to take on another day.

I’m grateful for my bicycle. I’m grateful for my strength. I’m grateful for the friendly people I encountered along the way home.

I’m grateful for entertainment such as Better Call Saul. I’m grateful for the technology that lets me buy and sell items to a worldwide audience from my home office.

Life is good.

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