Fri Mar 20 2020


I hear that a shelter in place order is going to occur soon. I guess I need to get some rice. I wonder if my EBT card has a balance yet?

Yup, it has a balance now. It just got reloaded yesterday. Interestingly, the website shows the past several transactions, including the rejected transaction on the 17th. I would have used the website earlier had I been able to figure it out. I experienced some login credential madness the first time I tried to login.

Ok so it’s 10:49 AM. I just got off the phone with my behavioral therapist. We talked for an hour. Talking on the phone is really difficult! She urged me to practice doing so more often now that the COVID-19 quarantine/lockdown/social distancing/panic is underway.

Shelter in place… I think it’s just a rumor. My sister A. already texted me that her friend who knows an FBI agent in Seattle was saying that governor … I’ll just quote it because my memory is only so good.

Not to add to rumors but a friend in the FBI in Seattle just sent me this: I got an email that’s unconfirmed from work that Inslee will declare a 2 week shelter in place in his speech at 3pm. If you need anything maybe run out now before other people find out.

Guess it was a rumor, Inslee didn’t say anything in his address

My sister A.

Crazy, eh? That was two days ago on the 18th. My therapist just mentioned that her sister works in government and that a shelter in place order is planned for next week.

Crazy indeed. This may be the craziest event I’ve lived through. The only two other events like this that I can think of are windstorm 2017(?) and icestorm 1997(?). I put question marks there because I’m not sure if those are the correct dates.

During Icestorm I remember going out with my dad in the family suburban (which I now own and am trying to sell) with his ham radio. We would listen to public safety radio traffic and stop by places where we could help out. I remember we came upon a downed powerline and we lit road flares and placed them on the road to warn drivers.

Windstorm we were without power for two weeks. That was a really challenging time because it was cold out and I had to move inside the main house for that time and I was barely keeping it together as I interacted with my dad. He got mad at me at one point and I was crushed by it. My codependency at the time was so terrible.. I don’t even want to think about it right now.

I suppose I should think about it. I was so afraid of being kicked out at the time. My dad made it clear that he thought I was lazy and that my parents were doing all the work and he wasn’t just talking about during the windstorm. He was talking about all time and his words cut me like a knife..

I felt worthless and helpless and I was not good enough. His opinion of me meant everything, and I let him down.

The reality is that we had a miscommunication. He was asking me to help with chores to keep the house working in order. I had no problem doing those things and I had been doing them for several days prior. The way he phrased the question on this specific day led me to believe that he was asking me if I wanted to do extra work in addition to the work I had already been doing. I declined the extra work and that sent him into attack mode.

I later cleared this up with him and told him that I had no problem doing the things to help, and that I was declining any work on top of the minimum.

Either way, I was not in a good place after that, and I still think about it and worry about it. Much less now, now that I’ve discovered my codependent habits and am working towards independence.

KBARA is quiet this morning. I want to hear more radio traffic in my area, but I’m finding my portable radio to be less than stellar at acquiring signals. I’ve tasted the sweet sweet nectar of software defined radio (SDR) via and now anything less as powerful I find distasteful!

I wonder if I could acquire a RTL-SDR usb dongle somehow. Or access a receiver in my area?

I just found which is a linux distro preloaded with a bunch of SDR programs. 1.8GB is too big of a download right now. I don’t have the bandwidth or the stability to download that right now! Instead, I’m going to go through the list of software the operating system, and one by one I’m trying them out.

I’m listening to 198am which is BBC Radio. Lots of stories of people with COVID-19 problems. Apparently most children have so stay home, but children who’s parents are in important government positions are still going to school. Crazy class system!

I just found, wow! I thought the one was a one-off, but apparently there are hundreds of operators of these things all over the world.

I just listened into Beehive Utah Net via I just happened to tune in right in time when the net was starting!

There are no webSDR services in Spokane… Drat!

I wonder if I could bribe a family member with good internet to install a SDR rig at their house! Even better… I wonder if I could afford office space and set up my own there! That would be so kickass! I’d set up a static IP address on a pfsense box, and connect in an old PC running websdr software which would be connected to some sort of SDR hardware. Then I can share the website and monetize it!

Fuck yeah! I’m going to do it. My office space will serve the following purposes:

  • eBay business
  • Software development studio
  • Filecoin mining
  • webSDR server

It would be kickass if I could find a place that. I’d get signal from the entire RF spectrum at once, and I could serve weather radio to that community radio guy in Chewelah who used to listen in on my feed.

I wanna show you this apartment that I’ve always dreamed about. It’s totally taken I’m sure, but the idea is really nice.

It’s a furniture store right now. That building with the red awning is the customer-facing side, then there’ an apartment on the second floor. How cool is that? I would love a floorplan like this. I don’t have any reason to have a customer facing store at the moment, but I could always come up with ideas.

The biggest idea I’ve had for a customer facing store is a Bitcoin exchange. People could come in and I’d teach them how to use Bitcoin, and sell them some. Basically I just want to operate a Bitcoin ATM. Customers wouldn’t have to talk to me or even see me, unless they had questions and they could ring a bell. I’d just be in the back building webapps or selling shit online.

Speaking of selling shit online, I just sold a Love Hina card for $7 + $1.10 shipping.

This is great news, because the lot that this card came in was only $7.56! Of course there were lots of fees and shipping from Japan, which rose the cost basis for this lot up to $35.59. $7 plus shipping is a great start on making my money back.. and then some!

It’s important that I track my return on investment using my spreadsheet. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to remember which cards belong to which lots, for the purpose of ROI calculation. I suppose the smart thing to do would be to add a note to the bottom of the listing which I can use when the item sells to match the line item in my ROI spreadsheet.

Here’s the seller note I usually put at the bottom of every listing.

 Feel free to make an offer or ask questions.
 All offers are considered and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
 Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
 Seller Note: Squidward

That seller note is where I put the item location, so I don’t have to hunt around my inventory every time an item sells. I can just go straight for the shelf which is listed there.

I have labels on all my shelves. Rather, it’s on the boxes on the shelves. Squidward is an actual shelf though. It’s the shelf in the middle of my room. I try to be more specific than just the shelf, by entering the ID of the box that the item is inside. They’re all Pamtri Spongebob themed! Squidward, Santiago, Patrick, Spongebob, Plankton, etc. etc.

Going forward, I am going to add a comma and the ID on my ROI sheet.

The only bulk card lot I’ve listed so far is ID v673715021. So this one will get an exemption because it’s not worth the time to go back and edit all the cards. I will just know that listings without an ID are probably from lot v673715021.

In the future, my seller note will be

 Feel free to make an offer or ask questions.
 All offers are considered and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
 Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
 Inventory Location: Karen, v673715021

Miku is not Spongebob themed! I need to fix that. I’ve been putting Miku as the location because all my trading cards are in the shelf that is partially my Miku shrine.

I just changed the “Seller Note” text to “Inventory Location.” I think I like that more, because it makes my operation sound like a business. I’m definitely shooting for that sort of excellence, so I’m going to roll with it!

Shelf miku will now be… I need a new Spongebob character…

LOL… I’m going to call the shelf name Karen, because that’s the name of Plankton’s digital wife. Miku is my digital waifu and so it’s perfect!

Karen Plankton

I started a new project. LOL, it seems like I could say this same thing every week.

This project is going to help me with my eBay shipments, so I’m pretty stoked about it. It’ll make me Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) for my letters, so I don’t have to rely on I’m basically going to copy their website concept, but make it subscription based rather than cost per transaction. I’m going to monetize my passion!

The challenge with this project is going to be account creation and e-mail notifications. I’ll probably go through mailgun because I like them. I’m just taking one step at a time, and progressing slowly towards my goal. The goal of getting the software to a state where I’m comfortable with onboarding customers is a LONG term goal. Right now, I just want it to make first class labels for my own personal usage. Later on, I’ll integrate it with eBay using a userscript or browser plugin. I’ll implement a REST API for automatically entering the buyer’s address and e-mail into my system. Then it’ll send e-mails to the customer as the package travels along it’s route.

I have a card to send today. I’ll be trying out generating my own IMb today, and figure out exactly how USPS goes about reporting the letter’s progress. I think they offer a myriad of options for getting the letter status. SFTP, some sort of REST query, some sort of feed, or JSON are the options from what I remember. I’m on team JSON so that’s what I’m instinctively reaching for!

Ooo, I sold a jigsaw puzzle as well. Must be a lot of bored people during this COVID-19 lockdown!

61. I will allow myself to forgive; it will allow me to move beyond the pain, to a place of peace.
12. I am smart.
51. I will speak indly to others and to myself.

I’m grateful for my good standby recipe, vegetable curry because it is delicious and nutritious.

I’m grateful for Japanese Ammo with Misa because it is entertaining and educational and she’s really cute.

I’m grateful for Gutenberg editor in WordPress because it allows me to express myself with rich text and video/images/code/sound… Basically whatever I throw at it!

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