Fri Mar 5 2021


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Writing about whatever

I haven’t written much lately. My days have been sent zoning out with waifus on Twitch, and listing cards on eBay. Buyee added FedEx as a shipping option, which I used to get a consolidated package to my house. Shipping took a week vs. the 3 months that it takes for sea shipping!

I have a huge box of 10000 cards now. It’s going to take me many months to list all those singles!

I enjoy the work, and I enjoy hanging out with the waifus while I list cards.

Today I shipped out a bunch of orders. I think it was around 18 items in total, split between 5 or so orders. A few of them came in last minute, right around 8AM. I started to get nervous and shakey. I feared that I would miss the daily mail pickup.

It was an invalid fear. I did what I could to stay calm and collected, and finishd picking and packing at around 8:20, maybe? I can’t remember.

The timestamp I do remember from this morning was 9:30. I was out riding my bike at that point. I took a big fun loop, from Barker road, to Conklin road, taking the Appleway trail between the two.

I stopped at the mini library on Conklin. I deposited two books that I have no intention of reading. One was a comic book that I got for free from CDA comicon a couple years ago.

I used my new waterbottle today. It’s more like a water bag, LUL. It was a reward for participating in the EFNEP program via Frontier Behavioral Health & Washington State University.

EFNEP stands for Expanded Food and Nutrution Education Program. It’s meant for low-income adults with children, but I think I was encouraged to join because they didn’t have many people taking the course this time around.

I don’t think I learned much from the course. I think eating a strictly vegan diet and not drinking soda means that I’ve aced the suggestions set in the nutrition course.

I talked with my friend Chris last night via Discord. We talked for about 3.5 hours about all sorts of topics. Spirituality, religion, meta-physics, SpaceX, Web development, game development, Stock options, Movies, Nomadic van dwelling plans, etc. etc.

I went two weeks between talking with Chris, but I think I want to talk to him every week. I relate to him really well, and we can talk effortlessly and openly for hours. I don’t have anyone else in my life like that, so I want to make the most of it and have repeat conversations.

I’m sipping on a banana/strawberry/blueberry/kale/chia seed/soymilk smoothie. It’s a real treat. I can’t get enough!

I’m torn between attending CoDA on saturday, or attending Aikido… I’m leaning toward Aikido because I’ve been wanting to get into martial arts for the longest time.

I have half a day to think about it. But for now, I’m wrappin’ this up with some affirmations and gratitude.

I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for my bicycle. I’m grateful for my wonderful customers.

I’m a mean, green fucking machine!

no wait I don’t like that one. Lemme retry.

I’m the boss! Da bauws! Zyeah!

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