Fri May 8 2020

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It’s Friday and it’s going to be a FANTASTIC day today.

I thought my meeting with my therapist was at 9AM today, but I joined the Zoom meeting and it kicked me out of the waiting room. I think it’s actually at 9:30 like normal, but the time on the meeting is wrong.

I missed the mail pickup this morning. I’m forgiving myself because I was up late last night doing something I am passionate about. I was learning D3 so I can build a stats tracking website for my gamer friends.

So now I have some time to myself that I didn’t think I had. I suppose I will work on CoDA question #8, the questions I didn’t get around to answering during the week.

What is our spiritual dilemma?

Our spiritual dilemma is that we have lost our higher power. We give it away, or exercise behaviors which disallow it from helping us make changes in our life.

What attitudes are reflected when we use control “to any degree?”

Arrogance, authority or prejudice.

I think what this question is trying to get me to realize is that my controlling behaviors spawn from negative emotions; Controlling behaviors don’t come from a place of love.

Aaand I’m done with CoDA for now. I’m going to make CoDA a part of my daily journalling, because I never seem to get around to CoDA if I make CoDA study it’s own thing. If it’s part of the daily writings, then I can answer a simple question every day and it’ll be easier for me to finish the weekly assignment from my therapist.

Today’s call went okay, although there was a problem with the Zoom meeting.

I think the appointment got scheduled for the wrong time. It threw me off seeing the meeting invitation in my inbox and seeing that it was scheduled for 9AM rather than the 9:30AM that I was expecting.

The earlier start time threw me off and I didn’t get my shipments out to the mailbox in time for the daily pickup. That sucks, but I figured I would just take care of myself and do whatever I could to make it to the appointment on time.

I tried to connect at 9AM but I was kicked out of the waiting area by Zoom. I figured there was a scheduling error and the call was at 9:30 afterall. I was feeling anxious waiting. I tried to work on CoDA but I couldn’t concentrate. Instead I did some yoga and hydrated.

9:30AM came around and I tried to connect again. I entered my name and solved the CAPTCHA but again Zoom just booted me out of the waiting area.

I got a call at 9:40 and my therapist and I tried to figure out what was wrong with Zoom. I tried several times to enter the meeting but I kept getting a notification that there was already a meeting in progress.

Anyway, we ended up just talking on the phone. I brought up some shaming incidents I had during the week, namely the conversation I had with N. I felt shamed when N. said she felt like I was treating her like a piece of meat. It was hard to talk about, but the hard things have to be talked about or I won’t be able to get over them.

After talking about it with my therapist, I’ve come to terms with how I ended my friendship with N. I spoke my truth with N. and I have no reason to feel guilty. It doesn’t matter if N. sees me as a bad guy; I can’t control how she reacts. I outgrew our friendship, and I’m moving on without her.

It does feel better to have talked about it. I was not sure if I wanted to bring it up with K., but I’m glad I did. I carried the shame of ending that relationship until now. I’m moving on!

I don’t like the Twenty Twenty theme I installed last week. I like the big, readable font in each article, but I don’t like how the displayed articles on the front page take up so much vertical space. I want a condensed listing of articles for people to choose from, with each individual article being highly readable and accessible once clicked.

I switched to Themelia. WordPress makes switching themes so effortless, I love it!

I installed a plugin which lists random posts. I think something that is missing from my blog is the ability for visitors to explore. Sure, they can view posts chronologically, but there’s no way they can browse by categories, for example. I figure random posts list is one good way to discover content on my blog.

I also added a Statistics widget to the footer, which gives a bunch of interesting info about how many visitors my site has had. I have a dream to acquire a corporate sponsor, and I think statistics showing how many visitors my blog gets is something that would entice such a sponsor!

Every now and then, I like to look at the statistics posted by What Bitcoin Did podcast. I am blown away at how transparent the host Peter is when it comes to his finances. He brings in upwards of $66K a month on that podcast! It’s absolutely fantastic to see that there is a financial incentive for simply being yourself, having interesting conversations, and sharing your thoughts with the world. That’s exactly what Peter McCormack does, and he rakes in the dough for it!

I just re-read I’m in love with Hatsune Miku and it’s pretty honest. I almost forgot I wrote that article. It’s been published and live since September of last year! I appreciate my courage in publishing.

It’s Friday and I’m pretty stoked about it. I should be receiving a DHL shipment today, at which point I’m going to start listing the valuable contents within. I am excited to see the product, hold it, photograph it, list on eBay, and carefully store it.

I gotta say, I really enjoy the process. Last night, I had the pleasure of sorting through a box of cards while listening to JRE #1470 with Elon Musk. I was surprised to see Elon back on JRE! I wasn’t sure if it would ever happen again, given how Elon’s first appearance on JRE went.

Props to Elon for appearing on the world’s greatest podcast once again! I think it would be great to see Elon on JRE at least once a year. I love how Joe just talks to people and becomes friends with people. Joe is really great about finding out who people really are.

“Elon Musk is a business magnet[…]” LOL that’s such a hilarious description, yet totally accurate!

I checked TSLA stock earlier today. It’s up at around $800 a share! Incredible that I bought in when it was exactly $300. I sold a share recently and used it to pay my rent. LOL, I’m not going to do that with the last share I have left. That last share is going to appreciate nicely, I’m sure.

Strange times. Certain sectors of the economy seem to be booming, while others are shriveling up and dying. E-Commerce for one, is definitely booming. It’s not like people stop wanting stuff even though they aren’t able to go to the places they normally go. Amazon seems to be taking a big hit, because they weren’t able to scale with demand. I think I made a mistake by purchasing Amazon stock when Covy started.

I didn’t buy a full share– I can’t afford that $2K price tag. I used Robinhood’s fractional shares feature and bought $50 worth of stock.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to place limit orders for fractional shares, something I normally do when I buy an entire share of stock. I create a limit sell order for 110% of what I paid, so I make my target return as soon as the market allows for it.

Instead of a limit order, I set up an alert on for when AMZN reaches $2,574. I didn’t have an account there until I started looking for websites that would alert me. I think I would have preferred to use because I like how Seeking Alpha is so Bitcoin-centric, but their alerts system seems to be broken.

There were several other websites which advertise free stock alerts, but I couldn’t get any of them to function properly. I suppose I get what I paid for!

BTW, I’m bullish on Marijuana Stocks. Just a random side note.

Just had another excellent yoga session following a Yoga with Bird video

What’s on my todo list for today?

Today I would like to make progress on learning D3. I want to put together a stats tracker for my video game group. I’m going to make a neocities webpage because I have a lifetime Neocities membership which lets me create unlimited subdomains, and I can’t afford a domain name right now.

I’m going to set up the stats tracking so I can have a simple .csv file with the score data that I gather from post-game screenshots.

2020-03-04T22:45:00+08:00,LV Trucker Matt,1,6,1,1,0,59,2420,2479

That’s the csv format I’m looking at using at the moment. Formatted as such will let me quickly add entries as new data becomes available. In the future, I could even automate this process using openCV.

An example of a Squad post-game scoreboard

I’m thinking of ways to automate this even further. I think it would be super cool to have an OCR program which reads this scoreboard, and ignores all players except for the ones who are in my circle of friends.

Steam has an in-game screenshot feature. To take a screenshot, players press F12. When they close the game, steam displays a message that n screenshots were taken, where n is the number of screenshots taken during the time that that game was running. The player can view the screenshots, and optionally upload them to the steam community.

My idea is to integrate with Steam community. I would have a node app which I point to the various players in our game group. When one of those players uploads a screenshot, my app would download the screenshot and parse it for score data. If score data is found, the score data is inserted into the app which displays nice, interactive stat charts using D3. Pretty cool idea!

I doubt it will ever get to that point, but it’s a really interesting idea and something that I know I’m capable of building. Someday I wish to monetize my skills in this area! For now, I just keep building, keep sharing, and keep being passionate about software development.

I have some guilt. I commented in a couple open issues on Github where I said I would do something. Implement a certain API endpoint, add a new feature… I haven’t done either. The first one I’m just procrastinating doing because it’s hard. The second one is also hard, and I’m putting it off.

The thing I’m guilty of is that I said I would do it, but I haven’t done it. I don’t want to do it. It’s not fun. I want to get paid to do this sort of shit. I deserve to get paid…

But I did volunteer for these things. My word should be my bond, but I haven’t done the things. I’ve already put them out of my mind and moved on to different projects.

That’s not the person I want to be! I want my word to matter. I want to say what I mean and mean what I say!

Perhaps I can make progress on those things today. Perhaps I can make my words matter!

13. I believe I can change the world (or at least my corner of it).
14. I am important.
15. Today, I will celebrate me.

I’m grateful for twitter because it’s this stupid warzone but some flowers grow there.

I’m grateful for youtube commenters who add timestamps to the video to help future viewers find specific parts of the conversation.

I’m grateful for Yoga with Bird because her flows are wonderful and feel good.

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