Fri Nov 20 2020

@todo generalize the brand name, “Fred Meyer”

IDEA: Set with Twitch

The idea consists of a multiplayer game of Set, played via a video feed on Twitch.

This idea builds on Set with Friends, but instead of interfacing with the game directly via an HTML5 webapp, the players play by using the game’s hotkeys as sent via the Twitch chat.

In Set with Friends, 12 cards are arranged in a grid. 4 across, 3 down. Hotkeys to select cards are 1234, qwer, asdf. These letters would be typed in the chat in Set with Twitch, parsed by the channel’s chat bot, and interpreted as a player’s selection.

Players with top scores are added to an on-screen scoreboard.

Ooo that brings up the question… how would a scoreboard overlay be created? I’ve never done something like that using ffmpeg. I’m sure it could do the task. Also there would be the possibility of using OBS to create the overlay, using an HTML5 scoreboard with transparent background as the input for the overlay.

The issue is, I wouldn’t want to use OBS for a stream like this. I’d want the machine running Set with Friends to be a low-spec VPS in the cloud, one which could have completely scripted playbook for rapid teardown and rapid setup.

Kinda like the twitch cloud streaming VPS that I set up! I could actually use that provisioning playbook for Set with Twitch.

Not that I’m going to create Set with Twitch… I have too many unfinished, ongoing projects to start a new one right now.

Time to poop! Then I’m probably going to ride to Fred Meyer and get some oatmeal supplies.

Poop and grocery store run complete! I felt pretty exhausted throughout. Tough ride indeed.

It probably didn’t help that I woke up feeling super hungry. I couldn’t help it, I needed to eat something so I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 cup soymilk, and a handful of pecans.

That was half the size of my normal oatmeal portion. I knew a full portion would cause discomfort as my stomach tried to digest and my abs did work holding my back up straight while I rode my bike.

It was uncomfortable indeed. Not just my digestive system, but also the cold and the sweat and my runny nose and my too-small handkerchief.

It was uneventful though. Nobody honked at me, nobody talked to me, and I didn’t talk to anyone.

I’m peeved by the graffiti tags that some asshat keeps placing all over the Appleway trail. It’s this stupid sounding name and I’ve seen it span from Flora all the way to Bowdish. I bet it goes further than that, but I just haven’t seen it.

The asshat went as far as tagging over the paint that was likely placed by a business owner to cover the graffiti.

I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. The tagger could see the concealment paint as a reason to get back there and fix the disrespectful concealment paint.

It’s a perspective thing, for sure. One guy is marking his turf and the city or a business owner goes out of their way to cover up the tag.

I used to like graffiti. I still do, if it’s done well. If it’s art and there’s beauty to it, I can appreciate it. Tags are not something I can appreciate, though. The low effort tags are especially appalling. In this one case, a tag that I’m starting to recognize all over the place, it’s horribly inconsistent. Bruh, do you even practice?

I’m tempted to go all sneaky sneaky and append, “sucks” to each tag I see. That’s something straight out of Rudy Juliani’s playbook that I always got a kick out of.

I wish there was something I could do. I wish I owned a business which was as a hotspot for tagging. I’ve thought about this a bit, because graffiti is something I think about every time I ride. I would make the side of my building which was right up against the trail a graffiti art exhibit. Basically it would be allowed and encouraged for artists to come by and make art on the side of the building.

I emphasize art because tags would not be allowed. Draw something that isn’t stylized text. Make me a picture, don’t throw up a name.

I would clear the slate every month or every quarter, and the process would repeat.

Oooh I just thought of another thing. Free paint to artists who clean up a graffiti tag in the area.

I dunno if that would be effective, but I think it’s a lot more effective than the nothing that I do about graffiti right now.

Maybe the thing to do would be to call local businesses and ask for their permission to paint over the graffiti. I wonder if there’s a way to monetize that, or at least get free paint and make it a labor volunteering thing?

One of the most annoying and ugly sections of the trail is where a chain link fence has been tagged in multiple areas. It’s the kind of chain link fence where there are white vinyl panels vertically threaded between the links. It’s so terribly ugly and the taggers seem to outpace any effort to paint over the tags.

That shit really grinds my gears, but then again, what am I going to do about it? Nothing, which means that my complains are… empty? lazy? Why am I complaining if I’m just crying for someone else to fix the problem?

It’s not helpful to make empty complaints. I can fix the problem if it bothers me, and a stronk community would be made up of people who fix problems, not people who cry about problems.

I had lunch. Oatmeal with coconut flakes, soymilk, peanut butter, bananas, rainsins, and chia seed. I think the peanut butter was a little too heavy for this mixture. Also I think coconut malk rather than soymalk will taste better. I’m going to use this intel to prepare an even better bowl of oatmeal!

I’m stoked to get to work today. I am going to jump into code before I do eBay today, because I haven’t been seeing the progress I want to see on code. I keep missing days! My focus has been mediocre lately. I have been spending a lot of time consuming feeds rather than building something.

Also there’s this habit that I noticed in myself. I get scared of writing code because I’m afraid of what I don’t know. I use that fear as an excuse to not code at all, then the fear builds as I slowly forget the issue in the code, and more becomes unknown.

Well not today! Today I’m going to stick to my pomodoro sessions like glue. I’m going to get my two code sessions in, after which i’ll have to more code sessions to satisfy my Twitch pomodoros. I want to get my !request bot built! I’m definitely not going to stream today, because I have concluded that I can’t be productive with code while streaming. Streaming is for relationship building, not productivity!

Ok so yeah. The thing that will help me overcome the bad habit of putting off code because I’m afraid is to make writing code for a SHORT amount of time every day a habit.

A SHORT time is so important. If I get into the code, as I usually do, I can spend an entire day working on it. Then it’s hard to break away. Then the next day, I realize that not only is getting back into the code going to be scary, but it’s going to be scary for a long amount of time.

I don’t want that. I want manageable code durations, while simultaneously spending a majority of the time on things that bring in money (ebay.)

The duration sweet spot is 2 pomodoro sessions. That’s not enough to get stressed out on, and it’s just enough to make progress. I can always change this duration in the future, but more than anything, right I want to build a strong habit to where progress every day is the norm.


I haven’t made any goals recently. Bad? Good? Who knows?

Well let me make a goal right now. A soft launch of card database by January 1, 2021.

Hell the fuck yeah! That’s the spirit!

I don’t even care if the rewards system makes it into that launch. I just want a website that people have a reason to visit. An English-first website where they can look up any card that exists in prememo. There is nothing like that out there, and I’m so close to getting it put together to where I can be the first!

Hmm.. Yeah, I did’t even think about the benefits that this website would have over the official website.

This is the card search on the prememo website. I entered in 01-001, but as an English speaker, would you have known that’s where the card number goes? What about the dropdown to the left of the number field. Do you know what goes there?

How about this one?

I don’t even think about it when I search for cards because I’m so used to it, but when I think about the perspective of the average USA customer, they might have no idea what these characters mean.

The undecipherable characters may be enough to drive the customer away from the website. Why play the Japanese only Prememo when they can play the English Edition of Weiss Schwarz???

Oh boy, my excitment to build is invigorated! I can solve all these problems, and more!

A card database can come first. Then, translation database. Then, customer/translator rewards.

Holy shit, batman! I like this new priority. It means that I can release and not immediately have a need for traffic. My original plan was to do the customer rewards site first, but then that would require me to have a printer and a laminator and the readiness to create promotional cards that I sent out with every order.

That’ll come. I’ll get there. But right now, I want to focus on a release. Artists release things. Successful developers release things. I have a really hard time releasing anything, and that’s something I want to change!

The 1.0 release is going to be super simple. Just a card database with a quality search.

I’ll get the website out there, then I can slowly make progress on adding features.

A living website!

Ok I’m going to wrap this up and jump into code now.

Badass affirmation

9. I have something to be excited about!


I’m grateful for the uneventful ride to the grocery store. I’m grateful that nobody ran me over, and I’m grateful to have the exercise.

I’m grateful for my NOCO Backup battery & flashlight that lights my eBay photos and holds a charge for months!

I’m grateful for Adam’s chunky peanut butter because it tastes delicious and it’s free from that nasty hydrogenation process that other brands use.

I’m grateful for affiliate links because it has the potential to earn me money from my work of writing in my journal.

tha’s it


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