Fri Oct 16 2020

How to get closer to your waifu

… is an idea for a blog post that I wrote down on a note paper. That note has been on my desk for about a week now, and I haven’t written about it. Quick overview of what the article would include

  • Buy high-quality noise cancelling headphones and hear your waifu in a more intimate way.
  • Financially support your waifu by subscribing on twitch/youtube/onlyfans/etc.
  • Write your waifu a love letter and send it to them. If your waifu is not able to be contacted, write the love letter and read it aloud with them in mind.
  • Eliminate emotional barriers in the language used with your waifu by using “I” phrases. “I think you are so awesome” rather than “You are so awesome.”
  • Take an interest in your waifu’s interests. Do some research, learn some jargon or a fine detail so you can gain common ground.
  • Be there. Attend her streams and show your support.
  • Make a fan page. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a social media page or a full website. Express your love and share it with the world!

Somethin’ like that. And now I can throw away the note because I wrote about it!

Surprise, mother fucker

The heading has nothing to do with the subject of this section, I just needed a header to separate it from the previous section!

Ok so today I have plans to work on precious-data. Yesterday I did a bunch of brainstorming on what I need to implement next for sbtp-loyalty, and I figured that it’s time to create a card data importer. precious-data is my project which crawls card data from, and creates a json file for each card.

I first thought I would create a special content-type in Strapi for the card data, but then I realized that doing such would mean I’d need to maintain two separate content-types. It seemed silly so instead of doing that, I’m just going to retain my existing content-type, “Prememo Cards” and do a merge when I import card data.

It’s going to be tricky. I somehow have to come up with a graceful and robust way to ensure that I don’t clobber important user translation submissions.

I guess I might be over thinking it. It’s not like the japanese text is going to change. Really, should be a source of truth, and whatever that website says the card data is, is what should be pulled into sbtp-loyalty. I don’t have to come up with clever merges for the japanese data.

There isn’t English data, which means that any english fields that I add to the Prememo Cards content-type is going to be retained in future imports, so long as I write the code correctly to where the card data merges rather than completely overwrites.

Ok then. I was a bit scared about merging, but now that I write about it, and reason about how it will occur, it’s not scary anymore.

The unknown is always so scary!

Ok so once the data is in place, I will have a stronk database of cards. That’s only part of the puzzle though. Translations are going to come later, so I don’t want to simply list all the existing prememo cards on

The initial release of is going to have customer rewards functionality, where customers can redeem prize codes that I send out with orders, and claim prizes. If they don’t like the prizes, they can re-roll, or send the prizes to their friends.

Next feature I’ll be adding is card translations. That’s where the complete database of prememo cards will come in handy, because it’ll serve as a basis.

OMG I’m imagining it now, and I’m really excited about it! I could have a progress bar on the translation section which lists the percentage of Prememo cards which myself and my customers have translated. It’ll start at 0%, and then slowly raise up as myself and my customers get to work on translating. I think it’ll be a great motivator for the project, and it might bring in some enthusiastic translator/collectors who want to see their favorite cards and sets in English.

But yeah, the rewards system will be key to getting this project going. Translations aren’t easy! The people who put in the time and effort to do it need some sort of incentive, otherwise I think the translations would never get the attention needed.

I like how the rewards system ties into the translation project, and I like how the rewards system ties into customer retention. It’s going to be the glue of the site, so I want it to work well!

Maybe glue is the wrong analogy to make LOL. The core! The rewards system is the core of the site, the part which keeps people coming back.

7:50AM. In a few minutes I am going to walk today’s two outgoing packages to the mailbox, as well as take the trash bin to the street. Friday is garbage day!

There’s something else I wanted to talk about in regards to sbtp-loyalty, but I lost what I was going to say. Perhaps It was something having to do with the scary merge that I don’t need to worry about anymore because of how I worked through the fear.

Oh, I think it was precious-data. I’m refactoring it a bit. It has a bunch of tests already, but half of them are obsolete due to how I switched to yargs from commander.

That was a fun project! commander is good, but yargs is better. I was running into a bug in commander which seemed like it was something that I couldn’t work around. Commander was influencing mocha in strange and mysterious ways. Apparently commander hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves from it’s maintainers, so I figured that I better jump ship.

LMAO, I didn’t even mean to make that pun. (yargs is pirate themed)

So yeah, I got yargs figured out for the most part, but there’s still some things I am trying to figure out.

I also switched to jest, because, jesters. LOL jk I switched to jest because mocha was showing me command output from a yargs test, and I thought it looked messy. I think jest is better at hiding that ouput, and it has some other bells and whistles that I like.

Eh who am I kidding, I just switched to it because it’s the best. I use the best shit! Firefox best browser. Fastmail best e-mail provider. yargs best commandline argument parser. jest best test suite.

I jest.

Ok that pun was intentional and I feel bad 😆

I use the best things that are the best in my mind. It might not be the best for other people, though.

Ok 8AM, time to go outside

I walked for a bit, then I got sleep so I came inside and laid down for a bit. It’s 9:26 AM now. I don’t think I fell asleep, but I got close enough to feel rested.

I want to ask Projekt Melody some questions.

  • Have you ever thought of wearing a plug suit?
  • Do you watch Wintergatan?
  • Do you believe in the calming power of weighted blankets?
  • What’s your favorite weather condition?

Oh shit, that gives me an idea for another thing to do to get closer to waifu. Get to know them better by asking lots of questions!

I’m still fully clothed from walking outside. Wearing lots of layers, with my oversized windbreaker jacket as the outer shell.

When I was younger, I thought wearing baggy clothing was so cool. Years ago I bought a snowboarding coat which was size XL, and it’s always been way too huge on me. I haven’t done much clothes shopping in my life, but I’d like to think that going forward, I’ll buy clothes in my size.

I think part of my hesitation on buying clothes that fit me was that I was uncomfortable with my body. Well, that’s changed quite a bit. I am now very comfortable with my body, given how much emphasis I put on getting exercise and practicing yoga every day. I want some slim pants for once in my life!

I don’t mean skinny jeans that are tight against my skin, I mean the type of pants that follow the contour of my leg. In other words, the opening gets smaller as it goes down.

Something like that, without the leather shoes, of course. I don’t need to commission the death of a relative to have foot protection. I especially don’t need to commission the death of a relative to look nice!

Yeah, I’ve always been afraid to wear pants like that. I think I have a bit more confidence to where I could wear them.

Oh shit! Now these are lookin’ stylish. I dig those white high-top shoes! They remind me of moon boots. If I had those shoes, I would remove that oversized pull tab on the zipper. Heck, I would get them without the side zipper if I could. I don’t like flashy dangling things and I don’t like side zippers on shoes.

Side zippers seem like the best idea ever, until you have your laces sinched up real tight and you try to don the shoes by zipping up. Pop goes the zipper! It’s a total sales gimmick in my book. I think they’re completely flawed and a huge failure point.

For CBT work today, I am choosing a quote about locus of control.

Progress, not Perfection.


And I’m done for now. Going to make some food and then write some tests.

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