Fri Oct 9 2020

I played Among Us with steelingcarrot and KingSimba77. My internet and my phone can’t handle the game for very long! I assume that my ISP (AT&T) does some sort of detection to see if wifi hotspot is being used while the phone is also using data, because my internet dropped out and I saw a message that I couldn’t connect to mobile data.

The other day I tried to set up an Android emulator on my computer, then I could run the free version of Among Us on my computer without having to pay $ to buy the game on Steam.

No go on the emulator. I got an error and I don’t feel like digging deeper into the issue. This game isn’t important enough for me to invest the time into figuring out an emulator.

Apparently there are people who have gone the emulator route to play Among Us. I think it would be trivial on Windows, but I’m not going to boot into windows to play this game. I’m right at home in Pop_OS! and again, the game’s not worth it!

The game is especially not worth the effort when everyone is just using text chat. There is no lie detection in people’s voices, and there are no metagame strats like I see in Ironmouse’s streams when she plays with friends.

Then there’s the antisocial aspect of playing a game without voice chat. I’m literally wasting time playing the game, if I am not making any progress in the life domain of social outreach that I want to improve on.

I’m so behind on sleep. I am sorta in zombie mode, not really fully awake to the point where I would feel okay with exercise or coding. I’d be fine listing items on eBay, though.

The next shipment is going to be really good. I’ve got 1500 loose cards in that order, which will keep me busy for awhile.

I think every order I do should have a large collection like that. I think those large 1000+ card collections that I can pick up for around $100 give me the best bang for the buck.

I’m learning. Learning what keeps me busy, and learning what sells.

The booster packs have been selling. Today I cracked open the Hatsune Miku Part.2 booster box that I had. Unfortunately the box and all the packs have an odor to them. I guess that’s one of the side effects of buying from a private collector who has probably had the box sitting in their bedroom for 7 years. Luckily the cards seem to be odor free. Thank goodness for that sealed metallic wrapper!

I opened 3 packs so far. I sold one of the packs from the Nisemonogatari booster box that I cracked. I think selling packs rather than boxes might be the way to go. When I crack the box, I get the box topper, and I have the potential to open packs until I get an Ultra Rare then I can stop and sell the rest of the boosters which are guaranteed to not have an UR.

I haven’t been doing that. I list the exact number of packs that I have available, which means that they might have an UR. I got lucky with the last box that I opened this way, and I happened to get the UR.

I’m playing an odds game right now. I’m more likely to get the UR than my customers, because I’m opening more packs then they are buying. In the future, I’ll probably revise my process, but right now I’m trying to maximize my product exposure while simultaneously stay busy.

I’m striking a middle ground, I guess. Yep. Okay. Cool.

5:04 AM. I’m like so confused as to what I should be doing right now.

I take that back. I’m not confused. Right now is journalling time. Later on, I’ll walk the 1 outgoing package to the mailbox and then I’ll ride my bike.

Even if I’m tired, I want to ride. I want my body to know when the morning is, and naturally want to go outside and do some movement.

My brother D. ignores all my texts and all my DMs. I don’t know why, but I have done similarly to plenty of people in the past. I would ignore people in the past when I felt like I couldn’t say no. I wonder if there is any similarity? I can’t know the answer so it just has to stay a curiosity point.

I want to play my board game with someone. D. ignored the invitation I sent yesterday at 8:18AM. I’m thinking I’ll ask M. if D. doesn’t get back to me within 24h.

I once heard of a time rule of replies. If you don’t get a reply in 14 minutes, you aren’t getting a reply at all. I think this applies to Millennials, of which all my siblings are a part of. I can relate. Unless I’m out of the house, I usually see texts right away, and if I intend to reply, I try to do so right away.

Texting is terrible. I wish I could get an SMS to E-mail bridge, so I wouldn’t have distractions when I’m working. A part of why I dislike SMS is that I don’t like using touch screen phones. I don’t like being spied on by a government that is supposed to be a servant, and I don’t like how shitty SMS seems to be in terms of reliably delivering messages and being a facilitator of group conversation.

I’m total zomb mode. I’m not all here. I can’t think critically and my mind wants to wander and seek pleasure.

I’ve been polyphasic sleeping the past week. I’m not taking enough naps to where it works well for me. I’m operating on a sleep deficit and my concentration is kaput and I know I already said that but I want to EMPHASIZE

Follow me on Mastodon!

I set up the account, but I don’t have a good method for mirroring the tweets I post to twitter.

There’s a really nice project called tweet-toot but I have some issues with it. The first is that it spams all past tweets to Mastodon that haven’t already been tooted. The second is that it doesn’t correctly handle tooting embedded images from the tweets.

I opened an issue on the issue tracker, but nobody has acknowledged it. I’m wondering if I should just fork and code a fix myself. I’d like to do that, because I’d like to continue using Tweetdeck as a way to schedule my daily tweets. It’s a really nice workflow of queuing tweets for the upcoming week, then forgetting about it until the next week.

Instagram doesn’t offer scheduling content, so I have no desire to go to IG. I keep thinking of going on FB, but I get grossed out every time I try to set it up. Their UI is a nightmare, their privacy policy is a nightmare, their advertisement algos are a nightmare, their cooperation with the feds in enabling a Stasi-like entity is a nightmare. FB’s existence is a nightmare and I’d rather not get into that.

I want my own platform on which to communicate with customers and makes sales and provide value to my constituents. The internet enables this, so why give up so many things to participate in a toxic market?

I made some black rice. It’s gooey! Very strange in appearance. Kind of reminds me of bugs.

5:30AM. I’m going to try and nap.

7:39AM. I napped.

Today is garbage day. I’m setting a mental note to take the trash out when I walk today’s shipment to the mailbox.

I took some notes from yesterday’s group therapy Zoom call and I’d like to write them here so I can get rid of the note paper clutter on my desk.

There was a stressful exciting event at the start of the call. The organizer sent me the wrong Zoom link, and I was waiting until 1:10 before I received a phone call asking if I was still interested in the group. I explained that yes I was still interested and I was trying to get into the call, but the label on the meeting said 9-11 AM and not the expected 1-3 PM.

I got the correct link from the caller, and I got into the call.

Speaking on the phone at the start of the meeting was a real ice breaker. I talked no voice chat several times!

Some time passed, then I went back to being afraid to speak. There was a moment when I had a thought I wanted to bring up when the host asked, “are there any questions?” but I was afraid that I would talk over another person as we both spoke at the same time.

I did take a break though. That was one of my goals for this therapy group, where I wanted to excuse myself and step away for a moment. I was afraid at first, but I really wanted to self-advocate and have a stretch after an hour had elapsed.

I took a break, and it wasn’t disruptive as I had catastrophized. I simply clicked the “need break” button, disabled video, doffed my headphones and mic, stepped away, had a stretch, went pee, washed my hands, then returned to my desk. I decided to appear vulnerable for a moment as I resumed video before donning my headphones and microphone. The meeting had continued as if I hadn’t turned off my camera at all.

Maybe next time I will remove my headphones before I disable video. I think that might be seen as disruptive, but really it’s not. It’s the same thing– it’s me preparing to walk away from my computer in order to take care of myself and have a stretch.

I guess that could be a stepladder. I took step 1 which is to disable my video, step away and take a break during a group call. Step 2 would be don’t disable my video and step away to take a break.

It seems so silly to have to think about whether or not I am to disable my video. This is a strange time!

I have a complaint that I wrote down. There’s no good reason to write this other than to log my day.

The host kept moving her laptop around, picking it up and moving it to her lap, putting it back on it’s stand, picking it up and angling the camera towards a cat on the floor, tapping the laptop frame when she wasn’t even typing. It was very distracting and on several occasions she introduced loud microphone noises that would duck the levels of her voice. She would appear out of frame because of how she moved her laptop lid. At one point, she removed a layer of clothing as she spoke which was uncomfortable. At another point, a man was seen walking through her room in the reflection of a mirror behind her.

Very strange, especially given how last week she said the only person who could possibly interrupt her was the cat.

Fuck Covid and it’s effect of turning random people into shitty A/V engineers. Sometimes it seems like the people who talk the most put the least regard into MICING UP.

Mic is a strange word. Is it Micing? Mikeing? Miking? Micking? No Micking sounds like Mick not Mic. Damn, I’m not being clear in my point, because the pronunciation doesn’t match the word. English sucks.

People who talk a lot via Zoom don’t put enough effort into getting good audio. Oh my laptop is halfway across the room. That should be good enough. No, that suck ass, I can barely understand what you’re saying atop the levels of echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and nose suppression!

If video calls is part of your job, mic the fuck up! (and wear headphones)


8AM. time to walk the trash to the street.

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