Fri Sep 11 2020

I didn’t write yesterday. It’s okay, it’s abnormal to miss a day and that’s a good thing.

I’m listening to What Bitcoin Did

Ooo, that’s a nice embed that WordPress does.

WordPress is really great. It’s got a bunch of user interface features that would be a giant undertaking to implement manually.

Wow, I can’t type and listen to a podcast. I’m typing like 10 words a minute.

Ok pause!

5 minute yoga break before focus time on the blog.


Today I woke up at 7:30AM and I immediately wanted to go back to sleep. I had no orders to ship out, but it’s Friday so I took the trash bin to the street.

I felt surprisingly awake after doing that, and I was feelin’ like having breakfast. I didn’t have much in my cabinets, so I decided to hop on my bicycle and go to the grocery store.

It was a nice ride. Traffic was very light which meant I had the whole road to myself. Not that traffic is ever heavy where I ride, but it was noticeably lighter than what I’m used to.

I got like 5 different bags of granola. I was adventurous and I picked a couple Bear Naked brand that I hadn’t tried before. When I got home and tried them, I was disappointed. The peanut butter and honey one is actually repulsive tasting. The almond coconut is okay, but I think I would have rather bought two more of the dark chocolate almond bags that I have been enjoying so much lately.

I ate an entire bag of that dark chocolate almond mix in one sitting– It’s truly an amazing food!

I wonder if I’m going to be constipated tomorrow? I’m curious to find out.

Today I ate–

I’m pretty sure that is the complete list of what I ingested. All that and water.

I’m actually pretty disappointed with the PB & honey thing. I used to LOVE PB and honey together. Have I forgotten the flavor, or did they just make a bad batch? Either way, I’m probably going to get rid of them.. I’m thinking of taking them with me tomorrow when I go ride bikes with my sister. If she likes them, the rest are hers!

I’m so glad that people are just starting to ignore the covid situation. The virus is a bullshit weak virus that healthy people kick in a few days. The reaction was an overreaction propagated by the reactionary, sensationalist, alarmist, exploitative news industry we have.

More people die from car accidents and cigarette smoking than die from covid. The covid numbers are inaccurate because hospitals are desperate for the federal relief money they can get from marking patient deaths as covid deaths. The desperation is caused by FEAR, not FACTS.

Prove me wrong!

That’s where I stand on that issue. The people ignoring the bullshit mask laws are heroes at this point. Heroes of freedom!

Two years from now, I am going to look back on this blog post before it automatically gets published. I’m either going to be vindicated, or I’m going to be an idiot. I hope it’s the the former! 😆

I got some bad news this morning. The Weiss Schwarz Project DIVA booster box that I sent to a customer in the UK arrived damaged. It was my fault!

I surrounded the booster box with a strip of cardboard, then put it inside a bubble mailer. It must have got smashed along the way, because my customer sent me an image of the box and it was not pretty. I’m not going to share it because that’s customer data and that’s not for me to share.

Luckily, my customer was understanding, and they did not ask for a refund or anything. They said the cards contained within were fine, so they just wanted to make me aware of the problem so I could prevent it in the future.

Wow, that’s a great customer. I wonder if my past interactions with them are the reason for their patience. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that yes, I have done right by the customer in the past. They are paying forward the courtesy that I have showed them by not making a big deal about the squished box issue!

Well anyhow, I offered them a free trading card, which they selected and I’m going to send out in the morning.

I also got an order for two Katanagatari cards. That was actually pretty unexpected because the Katanagatari cards don’t sell very well.

I have a Katanagatari booster box on my shelf which I’ve been trying to sell for many months. I think it makes sense for me to crack it open and start selling individual cards and booster packs, because I got a message from the customer who said they are a big fan of the show. They say that Katanagatari merch is very hard to come by, and they were very happy that I had cards featuring their favorite character!

I think it makes sense. Right now I’m kinda in a strange place, because I already went through all the new product that I received earlier this week.

I was expecting to go through this order pretty quick, because the overall card count was very low. I opened the K-ON!! Part.1 booster box and listed the booster packs individually. I went through the couple of hundred loose cards in the K-ON! collection.

The rest of the order was mostly card sleeves, and there’s very little to do with each of those. Photos, description, list.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to buy more collections! Old collections of rare cards are great. Unfortunately, those can get pretty pricey, but there’s always some diamonds in the rough.

I am especially excited for a collection that I bought from Mercari the other day.

VOCALOID cards, buttons, stickers, and keychains

I paid $39.59 for that lot. I am thinking of listing each item for around $7. $7 seems to be a good number for me. I’ve had success in the past listing all cards for that amount. The best and most popular will sell, the rest will not, but I’ll still come out on top and I’ll have a nice variety in my store.

Here’s another lot I picked up.

Random card lot

I see a few Prememo cards in there, and the rest are completely foreign to me. This excites me to no end!

I am truly happy to know that hunting for collections like this is my job. I think to myself,

“Is this real life? Is it really okay that this be my career path?”

And yes, it is really okay. If I can make this a financially profitable endeavor, then YES, IT REALLY IS OKAY!

This is going to be a challenge, but I’ve been doing it all year and I’m in the 9th month of 2020. I’m doing it, I’m scraping by, and I’m still doing it. I can keep doing it, I can grow my operation, I can buy bigger and greater card lots, and I can continue in this strange niche area of the market.

If I can continue to do this job, I am going to be so happy.

I am so happy right now! In this moment, I am excited to know that more product is on the way, I’m afraid that this might not work out, I’m so honestly hopeful that it does work out, and I’m so happy and grateful that I have been able to do what I have done thus far.

I have accumulated 300+ positive feedback, I have brought in almost nine thousand dollars, and I’ve shipped …

I just checked my most recent sales order number and it was exactly 1000. This coincidence is ASTOUNDING!

Incredible. What are the odds? Has my brain been subconsciously keeping track this whole time, and just now decided to bring that count to the foreground of my mind?

LOL what a brain I have, if that’s the case.

Anyway, wow. I think I need to celebrate!

I want to send out a thank you message on Twitter. What should I say?

Sakura Blossom Trading Post reached a great milestone today. 1000 orders shipped! Thank you for your patronage. Let’s hear it for 1000 more!

Ehh… Too… Rigid.

I don’t know. I keep writing ideas and I just delete it. Ok then, censor-free time! No backspace allowed!

sudo apt install -y ghostwriter

(This text editor has Hemingway mode… Simulated typewriter mode where backspace does absolutely nothing!)

Today I am humbled to know that Sakura Blossom Trading post has shipped 1000 orders. That is incredible! I have heard that 1000 creating 1000 oragami sqawans is a great achievement and something fantastic happensa fter 100 doing 1000 making 1000 .

Is this the same with eBay orders? I sure hope so. What will happen now? I Have iI levlelled up to a new plane of xistence? Will untold fortunes be waiting for me? Will The sky open up and a new customer base come pouring from the heavens?

That is unlikely. I am realistic and I know that there is so only so much fantasy that exists in hour our wworld.

I reflect on the past 1000 orders and I know that I have bgrown quite a bit. I’ve become mroe focused, more disciplined, more hard working, an persistent, and progress-oriented. I have goals in life that I want to achieve, and they are ojnly available to me if I make small , daily progress.

It’s not easy. It takes so much practice and so much grit. I wan have wanted to give up on more than one occasion. I felt that my work was nt paying off, and that this wasn’t a real hbusiness.

I hkept withi it, knowing that this is what I wanted in life more than anyhthing else. I want to be a supplier to all the otakus and the weebs. I want to be reliable, persistent, and trustworthy. I want to be Hlpful, knowledgeable,and responsible.

I’ve meade great stides towards these goals, adn I am not done. IEvery day I wake up , ready to work and build my business. I wan I don’t want riches and fame, i want a lifestyle of providng unique and interesting products to my customers.

Here’s to 1000 orders shopped! *shipped*. I will continue this path, importing hard to find items and creating new opportunities for my constituents to get their hands on what they want. I’m going to continue to provide a shopping experience that is friendly, fast, and fun.

Hip hip, horray! 100 o0 100 o *1000 orders_* Hip hip, horray!

That editor makes me miss my backspace button! This concludes Hemingway mode.

Time for a break.

I just placed another order at Mercari via Buyee. I gotta be careful! I’ve spent quite a lot of money over the past few days doing just that.

I cancelled all but two of the ongoing sniper bids I have queued. It’s unfortunate, because there are so many items for sale that I know I could flip and make a profit!

I just have to remind myself that I’m running a marathon, not a sprint. It is going to be very easy for me to BUY BUY BUY and burn out, but I’m in this for the long haul so I really have to be careful. It is my goal to have regular new product, which means that I need to initiate regular shipments to myself.

To have regular shipments, I have to moderate my spendings so I don’t have a huge stockpile of money tied up in my investments. I gotta sqeeeze what investments I have on hand, get the drip and spend part of the drip to get more investments! This is a delicate process and I can’t let my emotional spending ruin it.

CoDA 30q # 27

Re-read Step 3 pages 39-41. Craete a special place and time to sincerely complete this step.

It wants me to read step three again? I just did that for the last CoDA question! I’m thinking this is approaching brainwashing at this point.

Anyway, I read the part about crossroads, so I understand that part of step #26 now.

What it means by the crossroads is that I can either go back to how I was, be codependent, reassign “god” to my father, or I can move forward, and decide to trust in a god of my own choosing.

So I can’t really complete this step in a journal entry. This step requires requires makinga sincere commitment to my higher power to turn my will and all my life over to it’s care.

Well then, I’ll keep that in mind, and I’ll wrap up this post.

Affirmation time!

85. There is more to this life than this moment; I choose to keep moving forward.

I kinda disagree with that statement. There is only this moment. I can only ever experience NOW.

Anyway, I think I get it from a standpoint of positivity. Shit could be going wrong, but that shit is going to pass.

Moving on!

86. I am capable of bringing my dreams to life.

Preach! 1000 orders shipped, and my continuing progress on SBTP are PROOF!

87. I am okay. I am breathing. I am alive.

Now this one really speaks to what I was saying a moment ago about the now. I like this one.

Gratitude time!

I’m grateful for the calm roads this morning. I’m grateful that I was able to ride fast and not have to worry about cars.

I’m grateful for the invite to rice bicycles tomorrow morning with my sister. I haven’t rode the section of the Appleway trail between Conklin and Barker in quite some time, so I am pleased to have the opportunity to do so.

I’m grateful for 1000 orders! I’m grateful that I was lucky or coincidental enough or whatever to where I actually had the idea to see what order I was at when I was EXACTLY at number 1000! What a splendid outcome of investigating!

I’m grateful for WordPress, and how it continually evolves to be a really solid writing and blogging software. Next I think they should add Hemingway mode!

There’s probably already a plugin for that. I know I looked once before and I found nothing, but I bet I just didn’t use the right search terms. Maybe it’s called typewriter mode or something like that. Either way, I’m so grateful that WordPress has such a rich community of plugin authors and I’m so grateful for how I can easily self-host and there’s really minimal maintenance to do.

That’s it for now. Excelsior!

omg I just discovered by accident the fact that I can underline text in WordPress using Ctrl+U. Underline doesn’t appear in the UI, but it’s there! Pretty cool!

Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post