Fri Sep 4 2020

Bruh, I was unsure if it would ever happen at this price point, but I sold the Amagami SS+ Plus booster box for $251.00!!!!

I want to sell more booster boxes.. It was incredibly easy to pack and ship! Much easier than selling single cards because I didn’t have to affix stamps or add layers of protective cardboard. Packing this booster box meant plopping it in a bubble mailer, and plopping that bubble mailer into a 8x8x8 USPS box.

I have become a lot faster at shipping though. Yesterday I shipped six items and I did so in what felt like record time. It was probably 10 minutes, but it felt like 5.

I’ve reached 300+ feedback on eBay! I have a turquoise star at this point (100-499 feedback.) Next milestone is 500. Let’s get there ASAP!

I hope that selling stickers will accelerate my sales volume. I can handle so much more than what I’m currently experiencing!

I had an idea last night to sell TEMPHUiBIS stickers. I could come up with some licensing agreement with him to where I get my cost + profit covered, and he gets the remaining portion of the sale.

I’d also like to make a Zapedy sticker. I would do the same licensing with it.

It might be more trouble than it’s worth, really. I don’t think either of those stickers would sell very often.

I think it makes more sense from a commercial standpoint to produce stickers where I don’t have to worry about licensing fees. Licensing only makes sense for a sticker that performs!

Well then, I would like to gift a Zapedy and TEMPHUiBIS sticker to TEMPHUiBIS at some point. I think he would dig the stickers and it could get me some publicity.

8AM! Only one package going out today, but boy is it a money maker!

I walked out to the mailbox with the package and the trash can. It’s Friday which means garbage day!

I don’t know why I felt the need to exclaim that it’s garbage day.

What is on today’s agenda? I think I’d like to start this morning with a fast. I have been taking vitamins every morning on the regular, but I think doing that robs me of the natural benefits that fasting brings. I’m not really sure what those benefits are, but I feel pretty good when I give my digestive system a break.

I will take my vitamins when I break the fast. I don’t care when it is, just whenever my body starts to beg for food.

Until then, lots of water.

Yes I am water fasting, not just fasting.

It seems that my parents are back home from their work trip. Lately I’ve seen their front and back house doors open in the mornings. The back door sometimes gets blown open by the wind, and it makes me think that a racoon is going to sneak in there and make a mess of the trash bin in the kitchen.

It seems like the doors are open on accident, but lately I’ve noticed that if one is open, the other is open as well. I think it’s on purpose so there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe it’s meant for the dogs so they can get back inside after going potty.

Potty. What a funny expression.

Holy shit, I sold two high-value booster packs this week. What is up with people? It’s like there are social queues on whether or not to be in a good mood, and everybody picks up on these queues and either spends or hodls their money.

Is it the start of the month which signifies new beginnings and triggers loose wallets? Is it something in the news that I missed? Is it HAARP sending out positive vibes to the populace? 😜

Today I want to get the journal and CBT or CoDA work out of the way, straight away. Yesterday I didn’t focus and I ended up finishing journalling after I had already started other things.

I have reached my reorder point for the #6 coin envelopes (3 3/8″ x 6″) that I use to mail trading cards. I usually place a card in these coin envelopes, affix a marketing sticker to this envelope, then sandwich a piece of cardboard between this envelope and an outer 3 5/8″ x 6 1/2″ envelope. I don’t need to use plastic card protectors when I use this method, because of the combined rigidity of the cardboard, the inner envelope, and the outer envelope.

I reached the reorder point, but I don’t think I can justify buying more of these envelopes. I’m not making enough money for that! I think what I’m going to do for awhile is I’m going to use the second-hand card protectors that I received from my brother M. He gets quite a few of these card protectors from his MTG card orders, and I occasionally trade armfuls of them for a pack of penny sleeves.

I haven’t been using those card protectors, but I’m on a shoestring budget and I think it’s time for me to use them.

If I am to spend money on anything, I want it to be on card storage boxes. It’s important that I protect my investments, and do everything I can to keep them in good condition until they sell. Right now, I’m overflowing the card storage boxes I have, and I’ve spilled over into a custom-made card storage box which I am really displeased with. I am afraid to close the lid on it because the dimensions are too tight and the closed lid might actually damage the cards within.

I got a notification about a new post on an issue reported on the Discord issue tracker. I’m kinda triggered about it and I want to start a flame war.

“This is an important accessibility issue.”


No it’s not! The issue is regarding the /tts command which from what I can tell, is a gimmick. The /tts command is about making other people’s computers read the text aloud in the message that you append after said command.

An accessibility feature would be one where I would make text read aloud to me by something like a screen reader. A text to speech accessibility feature would be a thing that make the program easier for me to use because I have a hard time reading text on the screen. It would be something that I trigger manually, or my computer triggers automatically in response to a message received.

Having someone else trigger the text to speech isn’t accessibility, it’s a fun toy!

I posted a response, and now I’m eagerly waiting for a reply which may never come. I want to trigger someone so I can play all high and mighty and say shit like, “I’m not arguing.” or “Jesus Christ, I wasn’t expecting a fight, I just wanted to understand.”

I’m looking for outrage or a similar strong response. I guess I’m feeling lonely or something. Maybe I just want attention.

I’m tempted to use “shoulding and musting” thinking right now, to tell myself, “I should go for a walk.”

How about I just go for a walk, instead of thinking to myself that I should do it, but I’m not going to?

I’ll walk after this 20 minute timer expires. Or I’ll go back to sleep. I feel like sleeping again.

I tried to do yoga. Lemme scratch that, “tried.” I started doing yoga but then I gave up because I’m feeling tired.

Maybe I should take my vitamins after all. I feel off and I know it’s because I haven’t taken them.

I’m going to have breakfast and take my vitamins. BRB.

Just kidding. I put some oatmeal in my instant pot, but I’m not eating it right away. I’ll write for a bit more.

I want to say, “Bruh. Overreaction much? Please help me understand your point about /tts being an accessibility feature.”

And then there is silence, and I win the argument.

But then weeks later, another commenter chimes in and re-opens the argument. Then I have to go through emotional turmoil as I regret ever posting the comment. Then I either have to fight and win the argument again, or I concede in defeat.

Then two months later, the comment thread flares up again, and we repeat the process and continue a conversation which could have taken 5 minutes in person, but this is the internet and the echos of past arguments reverberate for eternity.

Fuck that. What am I doing posting at all? Am I being a contrarian?

I’m probably being a contrarian. I think I need to unsubscribe from that thread, and move on with my life. I’m not going to sit here for hours waiting for a response that is weeks away. I said my piece, nobody replied within 37 minutes, so that’s that. No conversation is going to take place here, so I’m moving on.

I think 14 minutes is the de-facto standard for waiting for replies. If no reply within that time, expect no reply at all.

So that’s what I’m doing. I’m now unsubscribed from that thread, and I’m not re-visiting that page unless I happen to come across it in future travels when I’m researching something.

I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my guns on similar matters. The whole comment fiasco I had that I posted, How to close Firefox from the Ubuntu command line comes to mind. I haven’t re-visited that thread to see if I got a response. I don’t care.

That fuckwad that triggered me isn’t my customer and I don’t owe him anything. I don’t care what he has to say at this point. I don’t care that he has a problem with his Firefox. I gave him some information for free and he can do what he wants with it. He’s on his own from there.

If someone really wants to get a hold of me, my contact info is plastered all over my website. I link to my website in every public facing user profile I have online. They can contact me if they want, and I’m not going to lift a finger unless it’s a business inquiry. If they’re not a paying customer, they’re not worth my time.

That’s how it is. That’s where I’m at in life. I can’t work for free anymore. My time and expertise is valuable and I am to be appreciated and paid, or our relationship is not mutual.

Fuck the freeloaders. They can use google.

Damn, I’m really going off on this topic.

I think I’m upset that I don’t make more money. I think I provide a good service (market arbitrage of Japanese goods) and I don’t think I am properly compensated. I think eBay takes too much from me, when I’m the one doing all the work. I think some of my customers take advantage of me and send shit offers. I am angry that I accept shit offers and don’t even try to counter-offer.

I’m angry that my first package is 65 days in transit and I haven’t received an update on it since July 4. It’s been two months and I haven’t heard any update!

I’m angry that I didn’t pick up the phone when it was ringing every day. Was that a call from customs??? Was my package held up for some reason??? Is my package being returned to Japan because I didn’t answer?!?!

I’m really hoping it’s just delayed. If it gets returned, I really fucked up and I lost several hundreds of dollars on the package. I didn’t pay for Buyee insured delivery protection, so I likely have no recourse.

I guess I’m just waiting some more!

I just watched a livestream of SJBetsuin. I’m assuming that SJ stands for San Jose? The minister mentioned wildfires, so I’m assuming it’s San Jose.

We did Sanbujo then Sanbutsuge, then there was a really long message and I completely zoned out because the minister was doing a lot of talking without saying anything. I just did yoga.

It’s times like these that I’m grateful for Rev. Kusunoki! Kusunoki sensei keeps his messages short and sweet. This minister at SJBetsuin was so vebose.

“we’re going to have a guest minister who speaks in japanese, and another minster will translate. So even if you don’t understand japanese, the translator will translate for you.”


I am exaggerating of course, and the quote is an inaccurate paraphrasing, but the meaning is correct. The dude said the same thing two or three times, repeating himself and driving home a point that had already been made. I think people do this as they get older because what they say or hear doesn’t stick the first time.

Young people get it the first time, but the person saying the thing is not hearing themselves the first time, so they have to repeat it for themselves.

Holy shit, I think I did the thing that I was just explaining.

Yep, I’m totes guilty. Fuck me!

Ey I’m at 2000 words.

Fuck CoDA!

No just kidding, I want to do that because it’s important.

Read the section “What is the purpose of prayer and meditation?” on page 102. Discuss.

Prayer and meditation (any version that works for me) is going to help me to have a good day and set my intentions, and help me deal with my codependency. That’s about it.

Well, I’m pretty much doing just that. I make it a point to meditate every day. It’s on my daily progress chart! 10AM every day, that’s when I meditate.

Oh, I got a phone call during meditation today. I paused the video and answered the call. It was some insurance company and they had trouble hearing me. It seems to be a common thing for people on the other end to not be able to hear me. I think it’s because of how I answer the phone.

“Hi, this is Chris.”

I think people expect, “Hello?”

Also there could be some problem with my phone’s microphone. I dunno. I don’t care. I don’t want to be on my phone at all, unless I’m using it as a modem.

When I get Starlink, I’m going to look into a VoIP phone that I can use in a web browser, and just get rid of my phone service. As I move into my dream lifestyle, a cell phone no longer fits.

I’m grateful that Starlink is coming together! Another rocket full of Starlink satellites launched on Wednesday and I didn’t even realize until last night. Another successful Starlink mission!

I have more of CoDA #24 to do, but that’s it for today.

Oh yeah, back to the story of the phone call. The telemarketer just hung up on me. And I lost my place in Sanbutsuge and I just had to start over. It was frustrating. I think I’m going to set a do not disturb timer for 10AM-10:59AM.

I think I’m on a SPAM list. I dunno who I gave my phone number to that sold it, but I’m upset about that. Anyway, I have a theory that all the phone calls I’ve been getting lately are just telemarketers. None of them were actually customs or anything like that.

If my LIME GREEN package shows up without any issue, my theory will be confirmed!

And if LIME GREEN doesn’t show up, the next package is just 3 weeks away. So there’s kind of a silver lining there. I think it’ll show up though. I’m literally only 5 days beyond the estimate. I think the estimate was made a little too politely, and I think USPS delays are having an effect. I think it’ll be here in 2-3 weeks.

I betcha I’ll see an tracking update before that, though!

Ok then, I’m off to do some stuff like work or exercise or sleep.


oh wait, affirmations and one more gratitude item. I’m grateful for tracking numbers that keep me informed on the status of my orders!

I’m grateful for electric hair trimmers. I am going to use mine soon because this hair on my head is ITCHY

  • 76. Today, I forgive myself.
  • 77. My body knows how to get better; I will listen to it and rest when needed.
  • 78. I am stronger than my worries.

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