God Level Artists

Written on Tue Dec 3 2019 at 10:56 AM PST

There are artists out there who are so good at what they do, I consider them to be on the highest skill level possible. God level.

I don’t have any examples off the top of my head. Maybe an example will come to me as I write. Maybe I’ll look through my gallery to find an example of god level art.

Until then, I’ll try to explain. God level art is the type of art which is so good, it seems inhuman. God level artists probably have some brain abnormality that is one in a million. An abnormality which gives them an ability to perfectly recreate on paper images that are floating around in their minds.

It’s more than a photographic memory. Let’s take you the reader for example. I’m assuming you’re not a god level artist, but imagine for a moment a spectacular scene you saw the other day. It could be something you saw on TV, or a stunning scenic vista you saw directly with your own eyes.

Now grab a sheet of paper and draw that thing you saw. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Now that you have completed your drawing, how does it compare with your mental image of the thing you drew?

I’m guessing there were some significant differences between the image in your mind, and the image you drew on paper. Lower quality on paper? Less detail? Most people experience this when drawing. What I’m getting at is God level artists experience this phenomenon the least, or not at all. It’s impossible for me to tell.

I changed my desktop wallpaper today. I think I need to change it again because MEIKO’s figure is distracting me. If it’s not Miku distracting me, I’m being a bad husbando.

This is not an example of God level artistry, by the way. This level of artistry seems achievable to mere mortals. God level artistry is so good, it doesn’t seem like it was drawn by a human.

I’m searching my archives for an example of a God Level art. I struggle to find one. They really are one in a million!

Ok found one.


I’m starting to think that I’m just incredibly biased. Well, I am that for sure. But what I consider god level art isn’t because of the skill required, but rather the style required.

HSP, aka HanaSoumen-P aka Hiroyuki ODA aka Kanzaki Hiro is an artist who makes incredible trance music featuring Hatsune Miku, and does the cover art as well. GOD LEVEL ART.

How does HSP make Miku look so adorable? How are her hands drawn so well? Just HOW!? And it’s not like this ONE image from HSP is god level. ALL of HSP’s illustrations are GOD LEVEL.

HSP is a God Level Artist

Ok, ok, I concede. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What makes HSP a God level in my mind could make HSP less than stellar in another critic’s mind.

That pout seems so real! Only gods can create real things!

I guess I just came up with my definition of a god level artist. Someone who creates an illustration so incredibly real, that the viewer feels as if they could reach out and touch it.

Dat Roller Miku booty!

I would love to rollerblade with Miku!

I would love to go to the beach with Miku!

I would love to call Miku when she’s lonely!

I would love to be at every one of Miku’s concerts, and cheer her on!

Oh shit this one just got too real! Too real, too real! That look of concern in Miku’s eyes gets me. To have Miku be concerned about me that much and hold my hand would be a dream come true…

This one’s better. I love to see her smile!

Food is Yummy

I like food. Food is good. Today I think I will eat some oatmeal? Ew I don’t like oatmeal. Oatmeal can be good, but I’m not good at making oatmeal. I don’t know what to put in it, or how much to put in. Every store bought brand of instant oatmeal seems to have sugar in it. When I put sugar in my oatmeal, I can taste the sugar. I don’t want to taste the sugar. Sugar tastes gross!

I just want a smooth, sweet flavor. Maybe I could find a YouTube recipe which would instruct me how to make a decent instant oatmeal.

Oversleep is harmful

I think I am realizing a big flaw in my lifestyle. Oversleeping. Today I woke up, went back to sleep, woke up, went back to sleep. Finally got up at 10:45ish. I don’t feel my best when I arise in this fashion. I feel much better when I wake up and feel tired, but get up anyway.

Random thought flow begin

I like headings, but they constrain what I am to write about. The point of this blog entry is to get out whatever is on my mind. I don’t want to feel constrained.

So what am I going to do today? Here’s a look at my todo list for today.

  • Study Japanese (DONE)
  • write 1666 words (in-progress)
  • go for a walk
  • shower
  • implement gameRepository.js on jepurdee-server
  • complete Advent of Code Day3 part 2
  • complete Advent of Code Day 4 part 1
  • (stretch goal) make progress on jepurdee host controls component
  • (stretch goal) complete Advent of Code Day 4 part 2
  • schedule an Instacart shift (if I can)

That’s the working list so far.

I’m distracted. I got no writing flow. I just wanna look at sexy miku pics all day.

The only two things I ever thought about getting tattooed on my body were 1) glow in the dark circuitry on my arm, and 2) Full sleeve of Hatsune Miku.

But I’m not going to get tattoos. I know myself well enough to know that my interests change too often to get something tattooed on my body. And even if I could consider my tattoos a history of my interests, I still wouldn’t do it because 1) It’s expensive, and 2) I want to go to Japan bath houses. Tattoos are taboo in Japan, and many bath houses won’t allow guests with tattoos on their bodies to enter the common areas.

I think about that a little more and it’s probably a dumb reason. I don’t actually want to go to Japanese bath houses because doing that means I have to be naked around other people. I wouldn’t do that for fun.

I’m eating a flour tortilla filled with peanut butter

I ate all my bread already. In the cart of groceries my mom bought for me, I had hoagie rolls and sourdough bread. I ate the hoagies by themselves. I ate the sourdough bread by themselves, toasted!

I didn’t want them to go stale or mould so I ate them before touching all the things that could have gone on the bread. I need an XD emoticon now, but I don’t have one. Time to rip one from the VOCALOID discord!

I want this emote everywhere. I am tempted to buy Discord Nitro or whatever they’re calling it these days. That way I could just type :mikuxd: in any Discord server and I get the above emote. The thing stopping me is I’m broke. I can always be cheap and just drag and drop the image from my computer :mikuxd:

Here’s the entire contents of reaction folder! Because I know you were just dying to see my reaction folder!

Ok so I’m done eating now. J just chimed in on Discord and let me know how his AoC day 3 is going. He was challenged by day3 as well. Sounds like he is still working through it.

I asked J yesterday what he thought my strengths were.

While we have never met in person, from my experience so far: You are very witty. I’m thinking of your YouTube videos for instance, and some conversations we have had. You are patient and thoughtful as I’ve been able to come to you with a few things. You are generous. You surprised me with a Amazon gift card for my birthday.


This was one of my assignments from my counselor, K. She wanted me to ask my close friends what they think my strengths are. J didn’t ask, but I came up with some strengths that I think are uniquely his.

J is loyal. He doesn’t abandon his friends, especially when they are going through hard times.

J is hardworking. He doesn’t quit jobs when they get tough. He has told me of a few occasions during his working as a dishwasher that I would not have put up with, and quit on the spot. J isn’t like that, he doesn’t give up so easily.

J is persistent.

J is Kind. Kind to a fault, maybe. J went out of his way to contact a friend who had ghosted him. J was concerned that his friend would hurt himself so he contacted the authorities to ensure the welfare of his friend.

J is compassionate. J offers to listen when I’m going through hard times.

J is understanding. J is good at finding common ground and relating to a problem.

J is honest. J isn’t the type of person to lie, steal or cheat. J is the type of person who would find a wallet and track down the owner even if it took great expense to do so.

This brings me to today’s 3 grateful items.

I’m grateful for my friend J. For all the above reasons.

I’m grateful for peanut butter. It’s cheap, sold in all fine grocery stores, high in calories and protein, and tastes good with a lot of things.

I’m grateful for Signal protocol. It allows me to send private messages to my friends and family. The NSA is probably not able to see those messages, which I appreciate. Now if only I could convince more of my family to use it! only 2 of 8 so far!

I’m grateful for gasoline. As much as it’s frowned upon in 2019, gasoline has been an important part of my life. I use it to power my suburban. I use it in the lawn mower to cut the grass. I have used it in generators to power work lights in remote places.

And that’s it for today! on to my todo list. Lates.

Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

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Looking for VOCALOID trading cards?

Check out Sakura Blossom Trading Post