I’m just gunna write random stuff cuz I’m feeling weird.

I bought an electric longboard with a bitcoin loan. I’m into IPFS right now, I think it’ll change the web in a great way. I want to learn Golang so I can read IPFS code. Also I think it’ll be good if I use Go (gobot) instead of C++ when doing arduino, because it’ll help me code faster. Hmm I wonder if there is some testing framework for arduino. Hmm actually I shouldn’t focus on coding faster. I know that from LD32. Coding fast can make really bad code.

I forgot one of the passphrases to an SSH key. I’m upset at myself for not taking note of it in keepass. Lucky for me, I didn’t have anything important running on those VPSs. I’m messing about with coreOS. I think it’s a fantastic way of running services in the cloud, but there’s one really important part of the OS that I haven’t got running yet, and that’s etcd. It’s a total bitch. Ooops ok that’s a little harsh, and unfair. I’m running coreOS on vultr, which was a huge pain in the butt to get running. Vultr has a coreOS build available, which I’m not using because it’s a pinned version of coreOS! That almost completely defeats the purpose of using coreOS, because coreOS is designed to update automatically, without any effect on your contained services.

Instead, I’m using an iPXE script to download a bootstrap script, which downloads a coreOS cloud config, applying it, then installing coreOS to disk. Because Vultr doesn’t have a metadata service like AWS or Digitalocean have, there is no way to get the public IP of the Vultr VPS into the cloud-config. OR SOMETHING. I don’t know AWS so I don’t know how it goes over there. Anyway, what I’m doing is putting a service in my cloud-config that detects and stores the VPS’s IPv4 to a etcd drop-in service, which I intended to have etcd use to advertise it’s address to other coreOS machines in a cluster. Well, I’m either doing that wrong or there’s a problem with cluster discovery. Different subject, this isn’t fun.

I’m tempted to drop coreOS and figure out Ubuntu snappy, but I’m pretty far along with coreOS, I should have  a breakthrough soon.

I’m hungry. I bought some vegan backpacking food and it’s pretty good, but I got too much of one thing, and I’m sick of it. I’m not driving right now, so it’s pretty difficult to get down to the grocery store on my longboard. Oh yeah, I decided that I’m not going to buy meat anymore. There are a bunch of reasons for this. Some are kind of radical. The biggest one is that I want to reduce violence in the world. I’ve come to really appreciate the Non-Aggression-Principal this last year, and I think that principal should apply to animals as well. That might seem crazy, but do we need meat to survive? At some point, I think the answer might have been yes, but now, I don’t think we do.

If you believe in extraterrestrial life (I sure do), I wouldn’t want them coming to earth and eating humans, because we’re seen as a lesser form of life. Same thing for animals, I don’t want to look at them as lesser anymore.

One final reason that everyone has heard before. The meat industry is bad for the environment (greenhouse gas production).

I love meat though! So it’s hard. Notice I didn’t say I’m not eating meat anymore, I just won’t buy it. It’s kinda hard where I’m at in life right now. Everyone around me is more or less a meatatarian. Hudson’s Hamburgers, Five Guy’s… my mom has this list on the fridge of meals for monday-sunday. Only one of the meals is vegetarian. (ya, I’m living with the parents.) I actually stay in my man cave most the time, don’t eat with my family except for once or twice a week, but anyway the point is eating meat is the culture I live in.

I’m thinking I do this in steps. No buying meat -> no eating meat -> no eating animal products.

Thas right, I wanna be vegan! I’ve already given up dairy because I’m lactose intolerant?/sensitive?. Meat is the next thing.

Gorillas are vegetarian, btw. And look at them muscles!


I’m hungry now, time to eat. More l8r

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