How Squad has changed my life

Squad has possibly been the most beneficial video game I have ever played. I have improved my communication skills through Squad; doing so is essential for a positive Squad experience. Squad requires often calling out bearings, distances, and relative terrain features when spotting enemies. All these things together make for good call outs, which isn’t always easy to do when under fire.

I think there is something to be said about the ability to think clearly when under stress. It’s a mind-over-matter type of activity that has AFK applications. I’m getting better at it every day and I hope to continue this trend.

A few months ago I sat down and thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with my life. One of the things I came up with was that I wanted to gain the freedom to be myself. This included things like representing my beliefs and opinions accurately and honestly, even if they were unpopular. Also, dropping F-Bombs when I felt like it. I have been hesitant to do these things in the past for fear of offending someone.

I value free speech highly, and with the goal of the above, I started acting my true self when I played Squad. Squad can be a toxic, vile place, with player’s pent up hatred occasionally exploding and directed at other individuals.

This may be counter-intuitive, but I have improved my self confidence by playing Squad. I figured out that people are going to like me or dislike me no matter what I do. In other words, I can either be afraid and be hated, or I can be confident and hated. I’ll be hated or liked by people either way. This “law of attraction” is one source of my new found confidence.

I’ve been trolled, berated and belittled while playing Squad. None of it matters, since none of them were my friends. I have a circle of friends who treat me very well, and those are the relationships which have weight in my life. To take offense by something a rando said to me would only give that rando power over me.

On the flip side, Squad has gifted me with a handful of friends that I never would have found otherwise. Even if I haven’t met these people away from keyboard, these friendships are real, and I treasure them. I would take a real bullet for these friends.

Confidence, communication skills, honesty, clarity under stress, and friendship. Those are just a few ways Squad has changed my life. Coming up next, a Squad guide for new players who are interested in being a Squad leader!

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