How to Monetize Your Blog

Monetizing your blog is not easy. You need solid content, an audience, and a business model. There is no one way to monetization, but here are some tips on monetization methods that I employ.

Affiliate Marketing

Every reader viewing your site is an opportunity for a chunk of change. If enough eyes are looking at your pages every day, there is no doubt a corporate entity who would love for you to send people their way.

What are affiliate links? Affiliate links are a uniquely tracked URLs provided to you by a company. They are a way of rewarding people who send new customers to a company.

The golden rule of affiliate marketing in blogs is not to sell to people, but to send people to a solution they were already looking for.

For example, if I were to make a blog post titled, “how to add wifi to Arduino”, readers of that post are probably looking for Arduino compatible WiFi modules. If I can strike up a deal with a vendor selling relevant WiFi modules, I can redirect the reader to the vendor and claim a finder’s fee.


I use Google Adsense, which provides me with advertisements related to the content I post. If enough users click the ads, I get some money.

Blog Post Monetization Checklist

For every blog post, I like to add the following.

  • Google Adsense Advertisement
  • Hyper-specific Amazon affiliate text+image link
  • Affiliate link product placement
  • Off-topic yet enticing Amazon affiliate text+image.. ex: tasty snacks you would want.
  • Adfly download link (use when you are offering a downloadable file or unsponsored external link)

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