I forgot what I was going to write about

Last night as I got into bed, I had a great idea for a blog topic. I set a visually anchored mental reminder for myself, that when I got back to my laptop in the morning, I would write down the blog topic so I wouldn’t forget. That’s something I found works pretty well for remembering things is to imagine what the reminder object looks like, as if I’m actually there. So I envisioned my laptop and it’s power button. I ensured myself, it was such a great idea for a blog post, that there’s no way I’ll forget.

I got up in the morning and the mental reminder triggered just as I intended it to. I turned on my laptop and immediately remembered I had a great idea for a blog post. I picked up a pen and piece of scrap paper, prepared to write the idea, but all I could think of was on word.


I know there was more to the idea than this. Japanese what? I pondered but I could not recall any more than this.

Darn, that was a great idea, but I lost it because I didn’t write it down right away. I was all tucked in at that point, so getting out of bed to go to my desk and write down the idea would have been a pain for sure. To avoid this problem in the future, I simply put a pen by my bed, with a bundle of scrap paper attached to the pocket clip.

This small notepad is a just a reach from my bed

Forgetfulness problem solved. Tommorrow’s blog post is saved! But what of today’s blog post?

Apparently I’ve become a daily blogger. Statistically this means all my articles will be 20% less good! Quantity over quality, ma boy!

I guess I’m writing just for the sake of writing. But there has to be a topic. All good blog posts have topic.

Monetizing My Life

I thought of a way I could reach my financial goals as an entrepreneur. Firstly, I must understand my expenses. My main expenses are food, rent, auto, and internet. If I sum the monthly cost of each, I end up with a number. I can then divide that number by the average number of days in a month, and I end up with the dollar amount that I need to make every day.

I like to visualize goals. YNAB helps me visualize my net worth. Paper posted in places I see every day help me visualize what I want to accomplish.

I figured I need to make n dollars every day in order to have enough money at the end of the month to pay my expenses. I decided that tracking my daily income would be a great way to visualize my progress.

A wall calendar with dollar amounts on every day
Daily income tracking

I got this wonderful anime themed calendar from KuroNekoCon. Like most millennials, I don’t use paper calendars anymore, so it was in a corner and I never looked at it. The start of October turns out to be a perfect time to get started with my daily income tracking. I moved the calendar to a more prominent location in my apartment, and began writing in dollar amounts for each day.

My earnings in October so far come from eBay and Bonanza. I expect to have more diversified income as the month goes on. Things like Fiverr, Craigslist sales, and my other miscellaneous side hustles.

On day 3 of October, I’m seeing a measly $16 and $6 income for days 1 and 2. At this rate, I expect that my existing revenue streams will not be enough to cover my expenses, and I’ll have to add additional sources to meet my goal of n monies by the end of the month. I’m looking at daily-pay temp agencies and plasma “donation” as a last resort.

Whatever it takes! Whatever it takes! I will become financially independent, and do what I love doing. I always was led to believe that getting a job is how to be successful, but I am not happy with having a job. I’m happy with hustles, so that’s what I’m pursuing right now.

I know it will take several iterations of me trying different revenue streams until I can find something that works for me to reliably cover my expenses. I know it will be hard work and stressful, but this is where I want to be. I like working alone, I like being on the computer, I like selling things online. I like coding JavaScript. I can do all these things and more, as long as I make it profitable!

Increasing My Revenue Streams

I have a number of ideas at the moment on ways I can increase my revenue. The first one came to mind after I was looking for a way to block certain YouTube channels from appearing in my YouTube suggestions. I can make web browser extensions! I have the skills and expertise to do this, and there is a gap in the market for an extension like this. I’ve already begun writing the extension, and monetization of an extension is one more revenue stream.

Crafty items are another topic of interest. Nerdists love their nerd merch, such as custom made blankets, plushies or pillows depicting their favorite character. I hope to make some quilts for Otakus and turn a profit by selling on Etsy. My method for this is simply to make things I would want to have. I gotta start small though, which is why I’m testing out knitting VOCALOID themed scarves using a loom I borrowed from my mom.

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