I Survived Sandpoint Baldy T-Shirt design

I finished a T-shirt design for a bunch of my co-workers who spent about two weeks working atop one of the harshest of mountain radio sites we manage. I had t-shirts made at a local print shop and gave them to my co-workers at our work Christmas party.

This is one of the nicer sections of road
This is one of the nicer sections of road

There were a number of things about this site that make it the harshest. The road to the summit hasn’t been maintained by anyone in years. All the gravel has washed away; it’s a rock road now. The weather was pretty nasty too, foggy, snowy, and cold. The building we were working in was extremely cramped. Think of it as the size of an average kid’s bedroom, and there were four of us in there routing cables, mounting equipment to racks, trying to move a ladder around to work on something near the ceiling… Then there’s the large, ground-level PVC conduit outside that runs from the building to the tower. I saw three people trip over this conduit as they went between the building and the vehicles!

Two of my co-workers wedged between equipment racks and the wall in a cramped workspace
“Lemme squeeze past you guys”

Here’s the final png, and also I’m sharing the original inkscape svg. I did everything but the text. The entire drawing took about 40 hours to complete. I’m super proud of it, and glad it’s over at the same time because it was a huge challenge!



 Want to see more about Sandpoint Baldy? I vlogged about it on youtube.

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